Psychic Ability Test

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Psychic ability is a capacity to access spiritual phenomena beyond the physical senses. Once a committed individual realizes they have a paranormal gift to offer they might seek out a psychic test to prove it to themselves. A psychic test will challenge an individual’s gifts and prove if they access natural healing and paranormal gifts or not.

A psychic test will become a sort of soul teaching instrument too, so that an individual is aware that the heightened metaphysical understandings and paranormal powers they perceive are not just an illusion. The student of the paranormal has to know himself. Therefore, not only will a psychic test provide proof of a talent but encourage an individual to learn meditative, contemplative and visualization techniques to increase clairvoyance and psychic/healing sensitivities.

A psychic test will challenge the potential medium and ask them to prove that “human consciousness survives the death of the body” Of course any medium will answer you with certainty, having experienced direct contact with the spirit worlds. She would say that our souls do move beyond time and space and that the paranormal is but a description of a trans-dimensional awareness that all human beings can access if they relinquish over emphasis on material values. But a student has to learn these facts from within and be sure of them. Without faith, nothing can be achieved. So a psychic test could indeed prove that faith but also help a company recruiting psychics for online readings, understand the gifts of any individual!

Various Psychic Tests

A Psychic test could include proof of dowsing, crystal readings, tarot, astrology and numerology talents. Self improvement programs will usually be part of a potential empath’s daily practice, as well as meditation, dream analysis, and mind/body healing. These disciplines will sensitize the empath and help them pass a psychic test. A reputable psychic test could use mechanized systems, cards or long distance communication to encourage a potential psychic to create a solid foundation of inner strength and self belief.

But the question is does a psychic test prove metaphysical gifts? Well, the very fact that a person is ready to undergo the challenge of a psychic test shows there is something already pulsating within, something magical and inspired. He or she might not be aware how to access it to perfection, but can be taught. The aim of any psychic test is to guide the gifted to follow their power, but also to teach a “seeker” how to recognise hidden gifts with proof of their talents.

Inherent Gifts

Some psychics and mediums have never taken a psychic test. Their gift is inherent to who they are and always has been. They are “born” with the gift. Doris Stokes, Helen Duncan and Jose d’Arrigo the psychic surgeon, all now deceased, never set foot inside a psychic school either. Doris Stokes and Helen Duncan were simple folk as was Lucy Hale the famous British medium who lived near in the wilds Oxfordshire countryside. As “down to earth” as she was, she still managed to channel an entity with an evolved vocabulary and a refined perception of the Divine Plan

We quote that entity. “It is very difficult for Earth people to appreciate the impermanence of time. Eternity can be encompassed in the flash of an instant and yet a moment can be prolonged into a period that you would judge to be thousands of years. You have often been told that time, as you know it, does not exist in the Spirit World. It is very difficult for you to appreciate that fact when everything around you on the earth plane reminds you of earth time. Your scientists are just beginning to realise that there is more to matter than what can be felt and handled and measured. They are beginning to understand something of the power of Spirit, although they will give it very many different names, but it is the Spirit that is permeating your matter. My medium (Lucy Hale) heard something the other day that made her think and I would pass it on to you and that is if all the space between all the molecules in a person’s body was to disappear then the matter that was left could be put on the head of a pin and there would still be plenty of room over. Unquote.

Any student of the metaphysical who believes a psychic test would give credence to their talents, could give that statement more than room for thought.