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There are various types of clairvoyants online reading teams available to the choosiest amongst us: We cite email readings, text readings on line and telephone readings. Some of us might prefer a “face to face”, going for a booking with a well known psychic and paying a substantial price that we believe gives us value for money. Or perhaps we don’t take the clairvoyants on line reading experience seriously anyway, and trotting down the fair to play with the fortune telling machines is more our style. But certainly there is a lot to be said for clairvoyants online readings. We recently interviewed a psychic who works on line and asked her views on the difference between clairvoyants online readings and the traditional face to face consultations.

Psychic Interview

I enjoy being part of a clairvoyants online team she said, “Although face to face readings are powerful, you know one “sees” the “physical” energies vibrating around the client immediately, especially if one tunes into money, success, passion, obsessions and survival issues, a lot has to be said for clairvoyants online readings. They allow me to hone into the “astral” and “etheric” fields of an individually virtually immediately, may be because I cannot “see” a client physically. A physical presence can be commanding, and it might take a few more minutes to assess its energy before going for the client’s “destiny” “soul mate” and “life mission” issues, which are the most powerful parts of any reading. Face to face readings can involve the client’s perceptions of the reader as a person, you know how one looks, dresses etc, which can also block a reading from taking off. In fact, these types of thought forms are disruptive when an influx of spiritual energy is desperately trying to convey itself to the client through the reader. When “seeing” from a distance, as per a clairvoyants online reading, “energy empathy” between the reader and her client is very important. Some people are more communicative online than others, often letting go and “saying it how it is” simply because you cannot see them physically. Personally, I find reading subtle energies from afar very satisfying, as I am often given startling “soul pattern/soul mate” information that I might not find quite as easy to tune into so quickly face to face. It sounds strange, but that is my perception.”.

Of course, as the psychic said, this is just her view of face to face readings as opposed to clairvoyants on line readings, and certainly not a generalization for every empath. Each psychic has a different approach, and it depends on life experience, spiritual evolution and a loving perception. However, when an empath joins a clairvoyants online reading team, she will be first and foremost kind; preferring to make her clients feel helped and guided rather than judged. But she will not be afraid to be blunt, or hand out unpopular information if she is shown you are on the wrong path, and this type of advice can be found during a face to face, or any clairvoyants online reading. If you are really searching for truth, it will come your way that is certain. What is important is that you feel stimulated by what you hear, and it gives you some ideas about how to resolve your problems. Remember nothing is “written in stone”, we do have a choice as to how we shape our lives, as long as we understand there is a “spiritual force” flowing through humanity, and that is not totally predictable! Historic facts and social mores do affect us, but amidst the challenges we can still find life solutions and evolve towards joy and happiness. Any psychic would agree with that! .

In the final analysis, it is the client’s prerogative as to what style of reading they go for, but perhaps both types of experience can serve an individual well if they are trying to find solutions to ongoing life problems. Virtually any psychic reading, whether it sees past lives, colours, auric fields or a soul path and future events is of service, because it can help one decide on new lifestyle choices. So next time you look to have a clairvoyants online reading keep that in mind!