Spirit Guide

19163471ghostlyYour Spirit Guide Presence

You have turned your back on the sceptics. You are ready to explore unknown territory. You no longer accept the status quo as an ultimate reality. You might have talked to your Rabbi, Pastor, Therapist or Priest as to why you feel so different. You say you want to help, to contribute. You believe that beyond the physical realms there is something “unseen”. You are unafraid of the sceptics or ridicule as your faith is strong, it cannot change to please others. At that point you “might” realize the presence of your Spirit Guide has been standing by your side encouraging you to evolve as a human being all along.

True Story

Like you, Diana felt that 3-D reality was far from the truth. As a child, she would sometimes see colours around people, or have dream-like visions of future happenings, but one particular experience would prove unforgettable. Whilst meditating, she was aware of the presence of a circular shape emanating a bright light from its central core. She was immediately filled with the deepest love imaginable, softness enveloped her soul. She sensed a presence, an entity that seemed to be both speaking outside of her and within her heart at the same time. She was in the presence of a mystical entity, her Spirit Guide, whose purpose was to lead her to enlightenment. Her guide would later communicate his name as Aluha and he would channel through her, helping people who came to seek her counsel. Diana would become a successful spiritual Psychic and with Aluha’s assistance she managed to help many.

Angels and Spirit Guides

What is the difference between Angels and Spirit Guides? Well, Angels have never materialized on earth whereas Spirit Guides have lived on this planet before. Spirit Guides work hand in glove with guardian angels, whose mission is to protect you, whereas a Spirit Guide’s mission is to push your soul forwards in order that you meet the relevant soul mates, twin flames or situations and people that will test you along your way. Spirit Guides have been photographed as orbs or light streaks. They come in different guises they could be passed on loving relatives wanting the best for you, or high-level beings that have a global mission they want to work through you. Whether you call them in or not they will always awaken you to your life purpose.

When a spirit guide is near you might see lights or feel refined energy. You will sense negative emotions transforming into positive, you will feel inspired to cultivate peace, love and simplicity in your life and with others. A Spirit Guide’s purpose is to nudge you, budge you and push you on until you become a loving human aware of your faults, but also aware of how loving goodness can help others who are in difficulties.

Connecting To Spirit Guides

The reason Psychics and Empaths connect strongly to Spirit Guides is due to their capacity to “tune into” “invisible” planes of awareness combined with a sense of service to humanity. As we said, Spirit Guides will “work through” an Empath to help as many people as possible, sometimes leading her through a door to other dimensions so she can convey sacred messages to the world. As for you, when you realize a Spirit Guide is near, you will be aware of growing sensitivity, of Empathic skills and you will want to have your finger in every spiritual pie, in fact you will more than agree with Albert Einstein when he said, “There are only two ways to your live your life, one is where nothing is a miracle, the other where everything is a miracle!”