Psychic Cards

19229260cardsThere are many forms of psychic cards, in fact psychic cards can be tarot cards, or simple game cards and they can be represented in many artwork formats, some of them surprisingly beautiful, some of them garish, some of them just fun! But let us take some examples of reading psychic cards, just to get an idea how they could guide our future.

Cards and Meanings

You met a super guy at the office Christmas party. He was a sales representative attending the “do” by sheer coincidence. You really dug his kind, blue eyes and empathic attitude. He asked you out on a date, and it went well. You felt something amazing was happening to you both, so you sought out an online reading, perhaps you were falling in love! You wanted to know if this time it could work. The psychic told you the outcome would be the King of Hearts. The King of Hearts depicts a guy with a solid attitude to emotions, she said. She told you what the card looked like too. She said it showed an image of a King, on a throne, a mature man holding a cup in his hand, she added that this image meant the guy you had just met had a full heart to give you. The King of Hearts would love you with generosity, she said and a solid long term relationship was possible. A year later you and the blue eyed, sales rep got married.

Jane’s husband left her after years of marriage. She was desperate with grief. She could not see for the life of her where she was going. Her marriage had been a lie she had found out that her husband had been having an affair for years. When she asked for psychic cards to read her future the empath told her the outcome would be the King of Swords. Six weeks on from the reading she met a man, a wonderful, serious man, head of his own property business; whom she had called to assess the value of her ex marital home. This particular King of Swords, whose real name was Nigel, advised her well, and then asked her out on a date. Their conversation was intriguing at dinner and she realized Nigel was somewhat of an intellectual. She knew that even though she had not found a lover, she had found a loyal and fun friend. Nigel stood by her through the divorce and a difficult time, they built up a wonderful connection full of trust, so even when Jane married five years later, Nigel became a great mate of her new husband too.

You have just had a row with your best friend, you said some horrible things and she refuses to take your call! You are so down in the mouth. You decide to consult some psychic cards through an online text reading. The psychic texts you that the Five of Rods is coming up as the answer! She explains you will hear from your friend again and that you would discuss what had happened between you in depth. A week after the blow up, your friend emails you wanting to talk and even says she is sorry for being so unkind and not taking your calls. A month later you are still talking, but it is over a pizza and a glass of wine.

Psychic cards in whatever form they come, guide us to finding solutions. They offer us insight, help us to stand up to our fears, and guide us to seeing the truth within our hearts. Somehow, we understand how the good and bad teach us something about ourselves and how it is always possible to change bad luck to good with an optimistic attitude.

If you have confidence in your life, you will not fear the future. Instead, you will realize that we are masters of our own fate to a certain extent and we can change that fate when we think positive and learn to be grateful for the wonderful life we have been gifted with! We can even break through the obstacles of our denial, denial that we are beautiful and deserve love and success!