Free Love Tarot Reading

67933488couplelovePerhaps if Romeo and Juliet had had a free love tarot reading all that mix up with the poison would never have happened and they would have lived the rest of their days as a happily, married couple in Verona. Okay perhaps not, but the tarot would have warned them against their rather strong personalities, and the fact that Juliet was inclined to get a bit over heated “alla Italiana”.

The fact is when you go for a free love tarot reading, whether your mate is dealing the cards or a more experienced psychic is, you need to prepare to hear some home truths. For example what is it that makes your relationship actually tick? Suppose that great connection isn’t going to work because you squeeze the toothpaste from the middle of the tube, and he is a fuss pot? In fact, a free love tarot reading might advise you to change your attitude and get an electric toothbrush. In other words a free love tarot reading tells you what you need to know.

Sometimes the cards fall exactly how we want them to as the free love tarot reading unfolds, that is because tarot goes where Destiny takes it, and if Destiny takes it down the path of true love, that is probably the right way. But if the free love tarot reading says “wait a mo, you are a big girl and can stand to hang about another year before you get married” you will accept that is okay too, probably. Anyway, even if you decide to have a free love tarot reading every single day of your life, if the soul mate ain’t around the proverbial corner until Destiny says he is, that is the way it is gonna be, unless of course you never wanted a soul mate in the first place!

So are those free love tarot readings as accurate as paid ones? Yes they are. It is the tarot readers’ purpose to do the best they can every time, and every so often they will want to offer their services to contribute to the good of the whole. Remember, when you ask for a free love tarot reading take a few deep breaths first, and calm that mind chatter because tarot cards are energy portals. You are advised to be cantered and focused on one question, otherwise you might unravel the tarot reader’s psychic “ball of wool”, and she could go off into fifteen different tangents. A free love tarot card reading is a relationship between two people in synthesis, so being accessible to an open hearted attitude is the trick. You will also want to respect the cards and ask your questions politely. The tarot will be kind if you are, and give you a reply that you can work with, rather than one that has you running to the pub to drown your sorrows in yet another round of creme de menthe.

Life is a rich tapestry of energy moving within and around us. The archetypes that the tarot depicts are part of the energy field within our own hearts and “all that is”. And we can tune into it when we have faith, and trust our spiritual core. The free love tarot reading will help us out and guide our way for sure. Whether it is computer mechanized, at the end of a phone or a text or email reading the psychic who offers us a free love tarot reading will be ready to tell us how it is, and perhaps help make at least some of our dreams come true. In fact a free love tarot reading is a gift, why not enjoy it? Go on, walk through that portal!