The Holy Grail

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The Holy Grail is an intrinsic aspect of our spiritual heritage, some say it is but a legend, others that it actually exists, yet we are awed by its supernatural significance. The mystique around it is fascinating. Some say its origins are Celtic. Dan Brown purports in his best selling The Da Vinci Code that the Grail is not a “chalice” at all, but the earthly remains of Mary Magdalene whom Jesus married, and later lived with in France, siring many children to carry on his blood line. This might be questionable, but the awesome aura the Grail emanates cannot be denied.

The Cup of the Last Supper

The Grail has also been called Sangrail, Sang-real, The Cup of the Last Supper, or the Cup of the Crucifixion. Its legend originates in the Celtic world. The Grail is purported to be the cup Jesus drunk from at the Last Supper that is why it is said to possess immeasurable supernatural powers. It is purported that Jesus’ disciple Joseph utilized the Grail Cup to catch Jesus’ blood as he was laid to rest in the Garden of Gethsemane and that “Grail Guardians” have been keeping its whereabouts shrouded in mystery and safe from prying eyes since ancient times. False copies of it are scattered around the globe. The earliest record is of a two-handled silver copy which was stored in a chapel near Jerusalem. In the late thirteenth century a copy of the Grail was found in Constantinople. Another copy of a Grail vessel exists today in Genoa cathedral. This Grail is known as the Holy Basin and is said to be carved from emerald. The other surviving Grail called the Santo Cliz, is an agate cup traced to Valencia cathedral.

But how does the Grail legend inspire us? The Grail’s purported healing powers symbolize humanity’s quest for enlightenment. The Grail teaches that if we want to access supernatural knowledge we need the same honour, courage and determination of King Arthur’s Knights of the Round Table, in other words be ready to fight inner dragons and face daunting personal tests to access metaphysical powers. King Arthur conquered his own darkness, yet lost his life whilst seeking the Grail and like Arthur every human being yearns to connect to the purity and wisdom hidden without the soul.


The Chalice Springs in Glastonbury, Somerset, are said to contain Holy Grail energy yet some say only the innocent obtain the gift of second sight when they drink from its springs. Sir Percivale’s incapacity to connect to his own wisdom stopped him from fulfilling his spiritual destiny after he came in contact with the Grail. Sir Galahad, on the other hand, was so pure he was able to stand in its presence and become saintly, loving and knowing. He could be compared to modern day healers who are ready to face the challenge of deep self enquiry to access the sacred power within. Sir Galahad was to become a healer himself, and helped many suffering beings as a result of his pure deeds. We are intimidated by its power for sure. In fact, some refer to the Holy Grail as “cold fusion” physics, or the marvels of quantum mechanics.

To access the Holy Grail is to understand Christ’s original message, which was to love another as oneself. Perhaps humanity’s incapacity to find peace is why the original Grail is still hidden from view. Until the human race can transform into a loving and forgiving race, the real Grail will continue to remain in the shadows. But perhaps 2012 will change all of that, and the great shift in consciousness predicted by many will reveal where the Holy Grail actually is. We can only hope and pray that this occurs!