Psychic Fayre

9781784fayreWhy Visit A Psychic Fayre?

A psychic fayre is so much fun! There are the tarot readers, the mediums, the I Ching consultants, but who can resist the gypsy teller with those hoop ear rings and piercing eyes reflecting ageless mysteries. When we walk into the gypsy tent at the psychic fayre we know that the dark lady staring into the crystal ball is more than well connected to metaphysical forces. She is also as free as a bird, and nothing can pin her down. That is why she fascinates us. That is why some of us prefer Gypsy Rose Lee above all others when it comes to predictions, even though we are a bit scared, even though we sense she knows more about our lives than we do.

Some say the gypsy reads from her heart. Some say she is carefree! Perhaps that is why we will always find her having fun at the psychic fayre, laughing as she throws balls at the coconuts, giggling as she rides the roundabout, because her philosophy is to live to the hilt. In the old days our mums looked out for the colourful caravan and cart horse, which was the archetypal visiting card of every gipsy lass at the psychic fayre. With her pack of cards, her crystal ball and her tea leaves she was such a thrill, even members of the Women’s Institute were willing to queue outside her tent! In fact, life was no fun at all without a bona fide gypsy Rose Lee at the psychic fayre.

Gypsy Definition

In the Oxford dictionary a gypsy is “member of a wandering race (by themselves called Romany), of Hindu origin, which first appeared in England about the beginning of the 16th century and was then believed to have come from Egypt” The fact is exotic origins intimidate some of us, yet we find gypsies exciting. Their reputation of cursing those they don’t like much is a wee bit scary though! The fact that gypsies seem to scorn political correctness and do what they want, makes them somewhat inspiring, even though we know they suffer others’ prejudice, and terrible persecution from intolerant folk.

In the old days gypsies used to wander the country dropping in on any psychic fayre available to show off their inherited spell castings, potion makings and scrying gifts. In gipsy language Shuvihani means witch, the kind of wise lady who knows everything there is to know about occult tradition handed down from generation to generation. Whether it be a psychic fayre or not, gypsies therefore make sure they are well trained in the art of magical communication taught by a Shuvihani!

 La Chunga

A famous gypsy who would attract punters to any psychic fayre is La Chunga a Flamenco dancer and Romany painter who grew up in Barcelona, her art expresses her heartfelt sensitivity and intuition, and she would have us gasping at her wild, passionate flamenbecause. But be prepared to be surprised at the many gypsy celebrities who would rock the night away at the psychic fayre. Bob Hoskins is one of them. He spent his childhood travelling and is of Romany descent. Elvis Presley originated from the German Sinti Gypsies. Sir Michael Cain originates from an English Romany family also. David Essex is a Romany gypsy who has been working on their behalf for years. Eric Cantona is also a gypsy. Note how attractive, magnetic and magical all these stars are, can you wonder that we all want a reading with the gypsy at the Psychic Fayre. So next time you get out those hoop earrings, and flash those eyes of yours, check your genetic code. Who knows you might have a gypsy great, great, great grandma and you too can cause miracles and havoc at the psychic fayre!