Develop Your Psychic Skills

19179389learnJoy insisted that her daughter Jen should not get on that plane. In fact, Joy was so perturbed by the catastrophic dream she had had that night that she stood in front of the front door blocking it. In the end Joy made such a fuss that Jen missed her flight. Jen was fuming, “Mum happy now? You have ruined my holidays!” Jen changed her tune when the news announced the plane had crashed!

Have you ever had a dream that foretold future events? Have you ever felt someone would call, and when he or she did you nearly fainted? Have you ever had a strong sense that you have been somewhere before, or just have to go to that party where you finally bump into your soul mate? Hey, it might be time to develop your psychic skills?

We all have inborn psychic capacities, and you do not need to be a professional medium to develop your psychic skills. But you can increase your capacity to “connect” to the invisible by making certain life choices. Some folks believe in meditation, others in prayers, still others join a psychic circle where they can share their gifts with others. Some follow a guru, or spiritual teacher, others go on vegetarian diets. But essentially to develop your psychic skills you need to a strong faith in the Light, in “All That Is”, in the spiritual essence of life and the invisible forces that pervade the universe. Faith is the word that will guide you on your way. As you start to comprehend the mysteries you will realise you are on this earth not only to enrich your life, but the lives of others too. Something wonderful starts to happen at that point! You begin to see existence as a multidimensional expression rather than just a 3-D event that only includes physical vision, touch, taste and smell. There is something more to it all indeed, something miraculous, exciting and awesome! To develop your psychic skills you might need to cultivate an astute perception of reality around you. You might need to open up your mind and not be entrapped by social, or educational mores. In fact, you might have to “un-learn” all that you once knew as true! But in time your adventures into the invisible realm will make your life not only exciting, but enlightened too.

Developing Your Skills

To develop your psychic skills you will cultivate an understanding of the Chakras, whirling wheels of energy, located in your body and soul. You will become aware that the base Chakra, situated under the pubic bone, connects you to this wonderful earth, your survival instincts and the colour Scarlet. The Second, Orange Chakra, around your lower belly, activates emotional reactions, your connections to people, your love relationships and deepest feelings. The Third Chakra is located in the solar plexus or your stomach area. It is a beautiful Gold colour and signifies emanation of personal power. The Heart Chakra emanates the colour Green enhancing the love you feel for yourself and others. In fact, that Chakra is the conduit of the Higher Self, projecting your soul’s mission out, into the physical world. The Throat Chakra is the colour sky Blue, and channelers and mediums connect to it when they convey messages from the other worlds, or those who have passed on. The Third Eye Chakra in the region of the pituitary gland and the centre of your forehead, vibrating the colour Indigo that connects you to the wisdom of the ages, enabling you to see different realities and perceive spirit guides and angels. The Crown Chakra, on top of your head, emanates pure White light and connects you to the God Force inherent in all universes. As you balance these energy centres you become finely tuned and able to interpret the energies flowing through your aura, yourself and others with grace and compassion.

Once you learn to develop your spirituality, your psychic skills will increase and you will find you are on a magical journey that will take you to places within the universe and human consciousness. In fact, you will realize that you and your soul are a great gift to humanity and perhaps if the whole human race were able to connect to the power of Spirit, December 2012 would be a month just like any other! Certainly, spiritualized thinking cannot contain violence, anger or jealousy, all the negative emotions human beings harbour need to be healed within ourselves and others for peace to reign on this planet. So when are you going to develop your psychic skills? When are you going to express those rainbow colours within your soul? We sense sooner than you think! Harry Potter, watch out!