Psychic Scams

36605421padlockSadly, the history of psychic scams is a long one. It is a sad fact that psychic scams denigrate the sincere empath. Often the exacting work carried out by real psychics, is one of great social significance. They are known to collaborate with the army, government and police to pinpoint crime scenes and military secrets. But notwithstanding the great work done by international spiritualists, healers and psychics, psychic scams leave a bad taste in the mouth and the result is that many think all psychics are con artists, and at the very worst total scoundrels.

Vulnerable Clients

Psychic scams could be as follows. The client visits a psychic in a vulnerable situation. The client is told she is cursed by the evil eye, and needs “special rituals” to release demonic infestation. Perhaps the client has been suffering romantic bad luck for some time, for example. Reasonable sums are asked for initially, but as the situation continues, the “psychic” always comes up with more “work” being needed. The client might be told that “dark forces” are so powerful the psychic needs to work even harder than usual. In any event, the result is that a vulnerable client is “scared” into paying more and more money for totally unreal psychic work. When promised results do not show up, and they usually don’t, the client is then told more time is needed and that she will have to pay a steep monthly fee to sustain a long and arduous protective spell, or love incantation! Often the psychic will say that “spirits” are communicating that more money is needed in order for the “spells” to work.

During the duration of such psychic scams the client frequently parts with thousands of Euros and is left bankrupt in the very worst cases. Clients have been known to sell their cars and even their houses, unaware that the real “demon” is the psychic herself, who is simply a con artist adept at lying, bamboozling and destroying their lives with veiled threats, phone calls in the middle of the night, and dishonest spells etc, all in the name of absurd psychic scams.

Wanda Marchi

One of the most famous European psychic scams was carried out by the infamous Wanda Marchi who started her career as a beauty therapist. She then converted to a Telemarketer until she got involved in psychic scams selling good luck charms and magical kits against bad vibes. She also said she could furbish a client with winning lottery numbers – that never won! She claimed that she could clear up any problem with her “special spells” and that she could even decimate the “malocchio” – which means “Curse or Bad Eye” in Italian, with her very expensive magical procedures.

Wanda managed to make thousands of Euros over a six year period. She would have gone on doing so, as hers was one of the most profitable psychic scams in history, until one of her clients went on Italian TV and denounced Wanda publicly for extorting money with threatening behaviour. Her home was raided and her “said” holy water and plant remedies were discovered to be nothing but tap water and the weeds growing in her garden. She was sent to jail. Wanda screamed and shouted in full public view, Italian style, but it got her nowhere. She and her companion, a greedy “wizard” and daughter were clobbered for hussling money for years. The strange thing is that many of the people who visited Wanda and believed her rather bad character, were ordinary folks who had already suffered great emotional and financial loss and were just looking for comfort and support.

Psychic scams can be avoided if one uses a reputable company that makes sure their psychics are genuine by testing them arduously, and assessing that their motives are not pure greed, but a real need to help their fellow man. We need to tread carefully, realizing that psychic scams are relatively few these days. The repercussions of bamboozling and threatening people will of course be spiritually arduous. One cannot go against sacred laws without paying a high price. Karmic retribution will fall heavily on anyone using “false magic” to line their pockets. The suffering they cause will come back to haunt them and hit them squarely in the face.

A real psychic will never threaten her client, or ask for absurdly high remuneration. She will remain within the confines of her oath, which is to serve humanity fairly. Great mystics, mediums and psychics often work helping people with modest remuneration. However, if the psychic healing carried out is effective and exact, a client will be expected to pay a just fee. So folks, rather than running away screaming from the psychics of this world, realize that like crooked doctors, bankers, financial investors and many other types of professionals, one bad apple should not be allowed to contaminate the whole barrel.