Psychic Questions

16453246fairyGo on ask psychic questions, we dare you. Even if someone overhears what you ask and is thinking about calling an ambulance as a result, we still encourage you to keep on asking psychic questions, no matter how daft they are.

Okay, we realize that most psychic questions are to do with, “when will my boyfriend phone? Or, “will I win the lottery?” But “your” psychic questions are not like other people’s, you have actually asked a psychic whether fairies exist! You have, you really have! We know you would be the last to admit it, but let’s face it, there is no turning back now.


You see, you never got over that time you saw a fairy in the rose bushes, it looked very weird with a pointy face and slit eyes and it flapped its wings at you when you were five years old with a gap in your teeth. It actually told you that it was just flying off to get hold of its friend, the tooth fairy, so you would have that present your parents had promised you. You hoped it would be a red bicycle, actually it was green, but you got over it.

Fairies are funny. They love laughing at ridiculous things like old Lauren and Hardy movies and the foibles of nutty kittens and remember fairies will flock to silly people like “bees to honey”. Their pet hates are kill joys and cocktail party bores.

One of the ways fairies like to operate is to spring surprises. Think bumping into the love of life as you fall headlong down the tube escalators – having tripped up over a fold up push chair that nobody saw but you! Or you’re at the department store and a shop assistant tells you that you have just won an anonymous gift voucher and you finally get that 500 quid organza party dress you have always hankered after. Or the happy traffic warden suddenly tears up a parking ticket in front of your very eyes, laughing like he had just won the lottery, in fact he has! These are the type of incidents that tell us fairies are on the warpath!

Fairies love to find things hidden under pillows; remember the tooth fairy incident we referred to above? So why not write “Thousands of Pounds Please!” on a piece of pink paper and put it under your pillow. Or then again, you could write “True Love” and draw a heart around it and again place it under your pillow. Be careful you don’t snore as you lay your head on the pillow, fairies don’t dig snorers!

You could anonymously send a fairy wish to a friend too! Write in capitals on a small piece of paper, “A perfect wish is about to come true just for you!” You could decorate the wish with a little drawing, and sprinkle some confetti in the envelope, since you know your friend is just yearning to get married. That would get all those mean poison pen letter writers tearing their hair out wouldn’t it? You are simply doing the opposite to them, you are writing an anonymous “fairy nectar pen letter” instead.

Fairy Magic

Another way to attract fairy magic is to collect thimbles and blow kisses. Yes, blow a kiss at the kind shop assistant, the good natured tax collector, the anti riot police man, your local politician and your pub crawling friends. See the fairy magic whirl around them and you like stars as that kiss of yours transforms their consciousness into one of joy, love and laughter.

And as you start increasing your thimble connection, still blow kisses and still place notes under your cushions, you might find that you are very, very happy as those notes start to materialise and those wishes come true. And if you are very, very happy, the fairies will flock to you in abundance and dance around you, making sure you understand that every time a baby laughs, another fairy is born!

And by the way, what were those other psychic questions you wanted to ask? Oh yes, whether angels were real and magicians all looked like Harry Potter? Well, we will let you into a secret, the psychic is actually Potter in disguise. Don’t believe us, just you wait and see!