Love Life

63290758sexycouple2Jenny says, “I love wine, so I visited Tuscany for a wine tasting holiday. I met the wine growers and acquired a greater understanding of wine and my love life, because the gorgeous Mario took a shine to me. He is a local wine producer, and as we swirled our glasses of “Pitigliano Red”, we fell in love!”

A love life will always improve if we manage to share what we enjoy with our adored ones. Susie and Peter are into bell ringing. Susie says, “I was pulling on my bell cord when we realized we were soul mates. It was so sudden, we had been bell ringing for years, and never noticed each other before!”

David and Martin like making dolls that are exact replicas of Victorian creations. Their hobby has not only started making a great deal of money, but they have now created their very own mail order service, which has cemented their love life into an everlasting bond.

Susie and Jane are into photography, George and Fiona are into juggling, Gina and Bob are into rug braiding, Patricia and Reg are into home brewing, Stewart and Ian are into collecting rocks and minerals, in fact their collection displayed in a glass cabinet, draws sighs of envy from crystal healers. All these wise folks know that to improve on a love life adoring what the other does helps, so whether it is bird watching, flying kites, or juggling if we can share our hobbies our love life will speed ahead in leaps and bounds.

Wiccan Magic

Perhaps one of the more fascinating aspects of making love buzz is magic. Isabel and Roland have been part of a Wicca group for years. They attend festivals all over the world and have created their own personal rituals. They appreciate Wicca because it is a pagan religion based on the wonders of a sacred natural world. In fact Isabel and Roland enjoy walking in the woods, gathering leaves, drying flowers and acknowledging their unique bond and status as equal. In the Wicca religion man and woman both share the power. They have known the friends in their magic circle for years too and a great feeling of trust and faith has grown between them.

Isabel and Roland seek wisdom and personal growth, and rather than trying to overcome people with their natural magnetism, they help folks out for Isabel and Roland are both natural healers. They use their “Magic” to set right what is wrong, in other words to create a reality of happiness and joy around them. Their only rule of thumb is “harm none”. The Wiccan belief forbids cruelty, pride, anger and revenge because it is known that such negative emotions back fire. Isabel and Roland also understand that we create our own grief, and that to avoid this we must be aware that every thought creates an energy vibration, good or bad. That vibration seeps into our lives, and affects us wherever we are and whatever we do. These basic truths inspire Wiccans to cleanse their inner worlds, and develop their positive talents. It also helps them access psychic abilities and realize that there is nothing to be ashamed of in being, or “feeling” different to others. On the contrary, Wiccans tend to encourage everyone to use their unique gifts with creativity and self confidence.

For Isabel and Roland their love life is central to their world, yet still, universal love holds all the power. They understand as many do, that a love is the greatest gift of all, and any empath, psychic or medium will tell you that too!