Psychic Predicting


What are psychic predictions, “wacko” theories created by a chosen few, but hardly based on “hard evidence”? May be, but there is indeed a science of “The Miraculous” as Lynne McTaggart states in her amazing book “The Field” . We need to understand we are all connected by a sea of quantum energy, of light, of becausemic consciousness if you like. Within that field electromagnetic energy emanates a giant information matrix, and subatomic particles in our body and mind, pass that information matrix back and forth like a tennis ball. Therefore could psychic predictions be compared to a referee presiding over the match of life, or personal resonance.

To further understand the concept of psychic predictions we need to challenge our belief systems, rethink our education, shift our ideas about ourselves, understand we are not just a genetic coincidence. In fact, scientists are discovering we are not separate from anything at all. We are living information, beaming out and receiving thoughts, emotions and ideas. Our brains are receptors and emanators. Therefore, could psychic predictions read those vibrating pulsations? Could they see potential through energy waves, like a television antenna receives images and protects them onto the TV screen?

University of Chicago

The University of Chicago discovered atoms communicated and organized themselves! No outside effects could change their patterns, which are called “entanglement” in scientific lingo. Our inner intelligence, our communication system entangles everywhere, with everything, creating our reality. Could psychic predictions contain information regarding our next potential entanglement?

 Quantum physics

Standard Quantum physics states we confine all possible states to one. In other words, sub atomic particles translate our limited consciousness into reality. Okay, before you reach for your creme de menthe and say “what is this person going on about???” realise we can improve our lives by simply interacting lovingly with it. Lynne McTaggart states we pick up reality on a limited band width, like a radio station. If we want to tune into the hard rock band wave, we get hard results. Since psychic predictions, clairvoyance and ESP experiences, are rather like a becausemic radio band accessing the miracles of the zero point energy field, metaphysical sensitivity may not just be confined to “special people”. Perhaps everyone can expand their psychic powers, improving their lives and communities as they “entangle” with those around them. The old adage “as we give, so shall we receive” is not so old fashioned after all. Obviously, if we plant seeds and nurture them, flowers bloom. Those who send out bad vibes, receive bad result. How utterly unwise a person who practices black magic is, temporary results bring long term misery. Negativity, hexing and cursing creates years of bad luck. So if you want success, be kind, positive and cooperative. Create a business card and send out a clear intention. If you yearn for love, find a picture of a heart, or a photo of lovers walking hand in hand and see the joy manifesting in the “now”. Contribute to the good of the world. Love will then come back to you in all it radiant possibilities!

So before we side with the sceptics when we assess psychic predictions, or any type of spiritual reality, we might consider that it isn’t so bad to access a spiritual understanding of life as a key to happiness, in other words to discern the beauty around us, to find a spot in the forest to meditate for example, or communicate with the rising sun or the variant stages of the moon. As we become more “tuned in” to our natural surroundings, our authentic, divine selves blossom and psychic predictions do not seem just a “wacko” experience, but a logical consequence of the magical ways of our universe.