Tarot Readings

30406095blackjackTarot Card Knowledge

The psychic who tunes into those tarot readings for you, usually possesses an in-depth knowledge of the cards. She knows that when she does her tarot readings she is connecting to archetypal energies that shift around the soul of an individual, and manifest their life path for them. She also is aware of the “collective unconscious” that unified field discovered by the great psychoanalyst Carl Jung, and how deeply it can affect our inner perceptions, condition our choices and strongly influence our lives. The psychic who hones into those tarot readings will usually have a profound understanding of what the word “archetype” means, and when it comes into the tarot, what main arcane card expresses it when it pops up as your future, or your life purpose.

What The Tarot Reader Sees

Sometimes, however, the empath who channels those tarot readings will smile to herself when that fun character The Magician shows up as your principal arcane card. Why? Well the Magician is Mr. Dexterity, the guy with his finger on every pulse, the guy who makes dreams a reality. The guy who knows he can overcome all obstacles, the guy who lifts his finger up at the status quo and those old “stick in the muds!” the guy who believes he can build his own flying saucers, or that we are going to find a solution to global warming within a week. The Magician is more often than not a creative entrepreneur, even a down at heel genius who “seizes the day” no matter how awful it is! He also could be the concert pianist, the party conjuror and definitely a great type of dude to date. He will know all the names of the most exotic dishes on the restaurant menu, and probably have you choking on your creme brulee or falling off the chair as he tells wild jokes and kisses your palm at the same time!

When the Magician shows up in tarot readings you can be sure you will soon meet someone it will be hard to say no to, someone who will “spin” a web of “fun times” around you. But remember, if you want to suss the Magician out, you might not manage to. He said he would call you at 9.00 pm instead he bangs on the door at midnight sorry he is late. His excuse? He has just signed a million dollar deal selling hair curlers.

Tarot readings will nearly always make sure you know that the Magician, that hunky guy who offered to push your trolley down the supermarket, will soon propose a business deal, but that you might need to think twice when it comes to the small print. But if the Magician repeatedly shows up in your tarot readings you are in for a life of almost “gob smacking” excitement!

The Modern Day Magician Card Celebrity

Now the sixty four thousand dollar question could be if the Magician were a film star who on earth would he be? Well, according to the Hollywood Tarot, the Magician would be none other than Mr. Robin Williams himself. The Hollywood Tarot, not for sale via normal channels because it is a “home grown” pack, describes Robin Williams “as the man who can do anything and do it with style, grace and glorious good humour. He is skilled, strong, complete and superb.” If one thinks of his performances in the Dead Poets Society, and the superb disc jockey role in “Good morning Vietnam!” he is clearly more than a verbal genius, he is a creative one. In other words, as the Hollywood Tarot so eloquently states “Everyone starts out a fool but not everyone manages to become a Magician!”

So next time Mr. M shows up in your tarot readings, get a beauty treatment, buy yourself a gorgeous space suit and prepare to be carried off to the stars, because Mr M is probably a NASA astronaut!