Tarot Card Readers

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Tarot card readers are privy to diverse energies on a daily basis. In fact, they are inundated with their clients’ variant moods, especially if they work on line, or by phone. So it would be natural that they would want to protect themselves from psychic attack. Psychic attack can come in many formats as tarot card readers could tell you. Usually, a negative thought form that has been pushed to the point of excess can even affect evolved tarot card readers strongly, even if it is not directed at them on a personal level.

Judy Hall

Judy Hall points out in her fascinating book “The Art of Psychic Protection” that “we know from particle physicists and the ancient mystics that the universe is in constant motion. Just as the planets of our solar system revolve around the sun, so matter does form itself out of the raw materials of existence. Some of this matter is dense; other diffuse, depending on the degree of attraction holding it together. Other particles of matter are rushing away from one another at great speed, they have been repulsed. As everything is vibration, there is an attraction repulsion force at work throughout all the different levels of being”. Psychically this means that whatever energies we are putting out, we will attract right back to us!” In the good and the bad of course.

Positive and Negative Thoughts

Most tarot card readers would also tell you that it is super important to be aware of your negative thoughts, for like positive thoughts, they have a tendency to manifest over time. For example, if your next door neighbour was a pain and you wished he would move to Australia, don’t be surprised if that thought comes boomeranging back at you in the form of bad tempered, Australian life guard, keen to move your deck chair to the back of the beach! .

So how can we make sure that our own negative thoughts and those of others are kept well away from our auric field? Tarot card readers could help you with protective prayers or they could undertake a personal reading identifying where the problem lies, especially if you have been having some bad luck recently. Judy Hall gives us a few hints on how to protect ourselves in her book.

Fear and Protection

For overcoming fear, she states “picture your fear as a small furry animal in need of love. Acknowledge its need. Pet it, reassure it, put it somewhere safe and pay attention to it from time to time. Then get on with whatever you need to do.” Or, “Imagine a shower of light coming down from a point above your head. This light is cleansing and re energizing. Let the light wash away anything you have picked up that you need to release as the light passes through your aura. Then let the light recharge your aura!”

Tarot card readers regret their own negativity too, because they are aware of its power. They also want to tell the returning client that their own out of sync thought forms could be creating the chaos and difficulties around them, but they also know that message might not go down too well!

Creative Visualisation

Tarot card readers would recommend creative visualisation for building a positive force field. For example, Judy’s Green Pyramid is an excellent way to protect oneself. “Imagine” she says “that your room is surrounded by a translucent green pyramid. This pyramid is hollow and the sides are strong and firm. The base is below your feet, the apex above your head. Check that the sides are all there, and meet the base firmly. You are suspended within this pyramid, protected by its ancient energies. If you need to move it around, then have wheels on the corners. Spend a few minutes cocooned with this safe space. Enjoy the feeling there. Pyramids are powerful healing places. Allow the pyramid energies to neutralize any ill effects you have suffered from due to other peoples’ thoughts or vibrations. As you slowly bring your attention back into the room, remind yourself that this pyramid will stay with you. Its protective force will be activated whenever it is needed. Nothing can penetrate your thoughts through this pyramid unless you allow it too.” Some tarot card readers only use simple prayer, or imagine Jesus or their Guardian Angel protecting them from harm. But sometimes, when a psychic attack, or negative thought form projecting towards one’s person is too excessive, a more radical visualization is needed, as per the above suggestions. Tarot card readers would therefore agree with what Judy says as they are more than aware of the many levels consciousness

Human beings are not simply physical bodies, defined by an enclosed barrier of skin. We have subtle energy bodies that extend out towards and internally connect with everything around us, including other people. Our thoughts and feelings reach others, just as their emotions wash over us. Sensitive people can pick up other people’s physical or emotional conditions!

So come on, realize that your need to remain positive in most circumstances will bring grace into your life. Learn to defrag the “mean talk”. Understand that negative talk is normal, but energized negative thoughts are not conducive to a happy life and there is ultimately a very high price to pay for them. So next time your next door neighbour runs over your pet rat, don’t beat yourself up about it, just pop in that green pyramid, and have some fun!