Free Psychic Advice

Free Psychic Advice


Free Psychic advice is a fascinating prospect but imagine if your own child was able to give you such advice, and manifest multidimensional spiritual skills to boot. Well, it could be both challenging and exciting to know that your child was born psychic! Yet do not be too surprised, many children have such natural gifts, but they fade into the background when they turn approximately seven years old, and enter the 3D reality of our educational system, a system that oft times has materialistic and conservative takes on perceptions of “Spirit”.

You can nearly always recognize a psychic child, as they are uniquely sensitive from an early age. They will often have beautiful, penetrating eyes and frequently an inborn wisdom beyond their years. They will chat openly with an invisible “special friend”; or they could sense underground currents of water, see angels, have precognitive dreams and start verbalizing about unique experiences as soon as they start to talk. In fact if they are allowed to develop their confidence, they will be giving free psychic advice to many, not just you!


If a child is gifted with highly developed sensitivity, perhaps they will not excel in the sciences or even not do that well at school. They could have communication difficulties, feel different or excluded, bullied and left out. It is always important to check out unusual behaviour with your GP, but also to integrate a spiritual perception into their education, and allow these beautiful children to develop friendships with understanding mentors who do not teach rigid belief systems. You will talk to them about their dreams easily, about angels too, sharing their visions, unafraid to encourage them to connect to their inner worlds and practice their free psychic advice on you!

Children have such wonderful imaginations, and it is especially interesting to watch psychic children play games with what they “see”. You will enjoy talking to each other about as you both sustain a mutual understanding that these experiences are not weird at all. In fact as miraculous kids offer free psychic advice to relatives and friends or see things the majority of people cannot, you will realize this does not make them “odd” just inspiring.

The Profound Awareness Alliance


The Profound awareness Alliance is an organization that helps exceptional children. The Alliance organizes workshops and camps as “far away as Hong Congo” where young people take classes in metaphysical subjects. Through a teaching system that integrates fun learning, the children develop their PSI Sensory Perceptions and Soul Mind Powers. They also connect to their healing gifts and respect their dream worlds. Self expression through art and music is encouraged as they are helped to comprehend their gifts, gifts that are not frowned upon, but integrated into the status quo with guidance and encouragement. The opportunity of exploring their natural birthright without feeling embarrassed becomes an easy process after a while. As they join in with other kids just like them they learn to give each other free psychic advice, and with that free psychic advice connect more deeply to each other’s powerful energy fields, understanding how fun it can be to be different and able to see what is lying below the “surface!”

Davy, we have changed the name, is a special little boy who has been seeing spirits and bending spoons from the age of three. He takes his gifts so naturally thanks to his mum who has never disciplined him for what his teachers always said was “Davy making up stories again!” He still suffers from night terrors, but overall he is a happy little boy, with limpid hazel green eyes that penetrate a person’s soul. He started giving free psychic advice when he turned six and has been helping others overcome problems with that lovely light filled energy that “buzzes” all around him. Sometimes his mum worries about his gifts, because she knows he will have to face the challenge of being “different”, but she has also learnt to integrate her worries into her life. She believes his gift is from Spirit and indeed it is, a beautiful present that Davy will use to the end of his days, helping many during his life time!