Free Psychic Online Readings

19147216hourglassAny company who offers free psychic online readings will tell you that in order to understand the ways of the world, and move on and up with some modicum of wisdom, there are a number of basic metaphysical concepts that a person needs to get “under their belt”.

Empaths who excel in free psychic online readings have learnt that paranormal knowledge must be incorporated into magical natural gifts. In fact, mediums who contribute their time to free psychic online readings understand that in order to dish out the best advice, they need to be both spiritually evolved and metaphysically knowledgeable.

Empaths who offer free psychic online readings often do so with the best possible motives. They will not just dish out everyday advice about the difficult boyfriend, the worrying mortgage, beloved kitty cat disappearing or adored grandma passing on. They will help us understand that these difficult life situations can lead to an opening out to the very mysteries of existence. In fact, free psychic online readings could be a vehicle for evolved sensitives to share their spiritual know how, if you ask for it.

Empaths offering free psychic on line readings will talk to you about “soul” should you want to listen. What they might start to tell you is that soul is a divine essence with a special purpose, and that purpose is to evolve, to grow beyond the confines of materialism in other words. They will tell you that soul “knows” everything about our life challenges before we incarnate on this planet, and they will encourage you to go deep into comprehending that we function through the personal vibration of “soul” that is far more than our physical body.


Readers, who present free psychic online readings as a problem solving tool, will know much about the workings of life and Destiny. They might tell you that Destiny is what the soul yearns for. They might infer that Destiny equals evolution, and that it inevitably presents us with varied learning experiences that enhance our pathway to happiness. Destiny can come in the guise of positives or negatives, but its purpose is always to lead us to greater fulfilment

In this day and age, any reader giving free psychic online readings will help us understand the meaning of the word “Ascension”. The Ascension experience is to do with raising our vibrations and merging into the higher frequencies beyond our physical bodies. Ascension signifies we can lift energy above what we perceive as death, and be fully conscious as we connect to light beings and spirit guides in a multi dimensional universe.

In fact, as we move on to what some might deem as a transformational 2012, mystics, empaths, sensitives, psychics and tarot readers will be more than ready to give their support and offer free psychic readings on line just to help us understand one fact alone; that matter is pulsating light! An empath wants to teach us a basic comprehension of Einstein’s discovery that Energy = Matter, or mass, so that we gain knowledge of magical and diverse realities beyond our status quo. In other words matter and energy are formulations of the same force field. It could be said that we are living in a vibrating universe of atoms and photon particles, pulsating at diverse speeds. Even the chair you are sitting on is transmuted light. Think on that one!

Any medium will be more than willing to talk about your light body. Your light body is beyond your physical form. Comprised of your etheric energy field, it manifests beyond death. Those who have lived through “life after death” experiences have travelled through the tunnel to the “afterlife” using their light body as a vehicle of evolution and journeying. In fact, one could say that our own “consciousness” is the truth of who we are and expresses our energy field in the most evolutionary manner.

But one of the most important facts any sensitive will tell you is that your subconscious mind rules the “game of life” to some extent and that a “shadow reality” works through all humanity. In other words, our shadow collects hidden elements of accumulated life, and past life experience, which contain karma, or the cause and effect of existence. Unawareness of its power could account for life problems. This is because a denied problem hidden within the subconscious mind tends to morph into a vibratory force field that we project out on to people and situations. If you have no knowledge that your negative judgments are based on hidden prejudices locked away in your subconscious mind, life will continually reveal its problematic side to you.

So yes, you might want to ask for more advanced metaphysical understanding when you go for free psychic online readings. One thing is for sure, you will get that understanding, as every sensitive will be only too pleased to describe realities unbeknown to many, realities that enhance life experience, not only with insight and knowledge, but with prayers and positive input.