Accurate Psychics

19053533crystalWhat does an accurate psychic really do? Before you ask yourself whether it is worth consulting one at all, let us list her gifts to make them clear. One, an accurate psychic is capable of “channeling” a New Age term given to those who communicate directly with higher, spiritual energies and bring them down to earth. Two, accurate psychics connect to the universal spheres and hones in on divine information about your life path, and your karma. Three, accurate psychics not only have the “gift” of second sight but are ready to go through the initiation processes that contact with “the divine” entails, and four, accurate psychics might not necessarily talk to the dead, as the spiritualists did in the 1800s, but she will connect to Spirit guidance, perhaps even the manifestations of “entities and guides”. .

Early Day Psychics

In the 1800s a great deal of interest gravitated around those who were perceived as mediums. Their speciality was to talk to the souls of those who have passed on. Also in the 1800s groups of individuals defined as “spiritualists” gathered in groups around a medium to speak with a beloved deceased. These messages from “beyond the grave” were channeled by the accurate psychic as well as the medium, and were said to emanate directly from the heavenly spheres. Yet when a renewed interest in metaphysics re-emerged in the late seventies early nineteen eighties, channeling spirit entities became popular. Spirit guides such as Ramtha, channeled through J Z Knight proclaimed universal truths and helped those who yearned for personal peace to transform their life karma. Ramtha is said to originate from Ancient Atlantis and his dictate is that people must gather together to form enclaves of spiritual understanding in order to help humanity through this transformative phase prior to 2012. Another Spirit Guide, Seth, was connected to by the now deceased Jane Roberts, Seth’s humane and complex teachings on universal truths were channeled into various fascinating books. Someone called Jack Pursel channeled a profoundly kind and soulful spirit guide called Lazarus, and the experience became so profoundly enthralling that even Oprah Winfrey would invite these channelers onto her show.


Psychics and Channelers

What is the difference between an accurate psychic and a channeler? Very little in fact, both connect to spirit guidance as a way to help their clients perceive an “otherworldly” energy and guide them through to a higher understanding of personal truth, and the karma of their lives. A channeler might connect to one guide and talk in their voice, emanating divine or personal information, but a profound relationship with Spiritual knowledge is common to both.

The accurate psychic might not “fit into” the status quo of traditional religious, but she or he has much to contribute to the overall awareness of human beings. If you wish to “know” your soul’s path, we advise you to speak to an accurate psychic. If you do, you can be sure that the truth you will hear will sometimes thrill you, sometimes astound you, and sometimes leave you perplexed. Whatever happens, you will learn something new about the energy that pervades your life and the lives of all around you, not a boring experience by a long chalk!