Clairvoyant UK

19220944bigbenA Clairvoyant, whether they be a Clairvoyant UK or from any other part of the world, will never feed into your fears. A Clairvoyant UK incorporates metaphysical tradition into her readings, often learnt from a spiritual master, and she will work within that wise, compassionate knowledge to guide you on your way. In fact a Clairvoyant UK, just as any international Clairvoyant, will be receptive to your worries and offer workable solutions to your problems. In fact a Clairvoyant UK is aware how powerful your thoughts are. Any Clairvoyant worth her salt will tell you thoughts are like “things”, and that the energy that follows them “makes things happen!” She will also be aware that you are hooked into F-E-A-R, or False Evidence Appearing Real, and that F-E-A-R will block your path, as it is based on something irrational within your mind or soul, something that makes you worry excessively, something that makes you feel that you are less than you are. A Clairvoyant UK knows that if you allow F-E-A-R to win, you will create more pain for yourself, and have one “wobbly moment” after another as a result.

Negative thoughts have a tendency to make us believe that life is fraught with danger, misery and pain, and that we are unlucky or “destined” to never get what we want. We perceive these “dark” theories as utterly “true”; after all we have proof that life lets us down time and time again. We know what it means to be rejected, to feel a failure. We can see what is going on in the world, the horror stories the media dishes out on a daily basis abound. It is natural to perceive humanity is in crisis. Anyway, the love we yearn for never seems to materialise no matter how hard we try. We soon believe we cannot move on from those “stuck” moments when life does not work out at all, but any Clairvoyant, including a Clairvoyant UK, will tell you that Becausemic Law decrees what we “think” is our true Destiny.


Madonna “thought” she could be a success; as an offspring of Italian Americans, she came from absolutely nowhere and yet sheer hard work pushed her through the fiery hoops and she grew to be a showbiz legend in her own time. Nelson Mandela “thought” that he could change history, so he did not let his years in jail hold him back from manifesting his wonderful dream for South Africa. The Spice Girls “thought” they could become a fab girl group from the depths of their souls, otherwise those so-called “ordinary” chicks would never have been able to take the world by storm. It is optimistic belief that wins over scary F-E-A-R every time. Lack of hope, a sense of terror creates stress and mayhem in our lives and the world. If we could just reach out to eternal love, and that spiritual wisdom residing so naturally in our hearts, we would flow into our lives, give up the struggle and be real again. We would finally know that the beauty around us is just waiting to be seen. That the love we yearn for is just around the corner, that the friends we lost can be found and that all the failures we experience can indeed transform into success.

What any Clairvoyant will have vowed to do, including a Clairvoyant UK, is help us change our “take” on who we are and use the positive vibes of Spirit to “make the good things happen”. A Clairvoyant UK will speak of our destiny but also of our capacity to change it so we can transform into the wondrous beings we were fated to become! So go on, try watching your thoughts. If you can, write them down. We have literally millions of them a day and if we were to stop and look at them, we would realise which ones makes us feel more grim, making life harder to deal with. If we truly believe we will trip up, we do. If we are convinced we are ageing, lines will appear on our faces. If we are certain we cannot “do” what we most want to, we usually can’t. Yet a UK Clairvoyant will help us see destiny can change and she will guide us to understanding God is love and wants the best for us. To disbelieve that love is the universal force behind all things means life will seem so hopeless, and we will continue to feel jaded and scared. A true Clairvoyant will point out that “falling to pieces” during a life crisis is nothing other than the “Humpty Dumpty” syndrome, and we all know from the nursery rhyme that he was put “back together again!” So be aware a caring Clairvoyant will guide you along the path to joy, and positivity. An open, positive mind, she will say, is the true secret to happiness, and romance and success will materialize the moment we become aware of that truth. In fact, we will inevitably transform for the better, just as day follows the night!