Will I Ever Fall In Love? I Never Seem To Meet The Right Person.


Yes, you will fall in love, even though everyone has a strong defence mechanism when it comes to love’s strong feelings. It is obvious you want to be loved that is why you ask this question. But you are terrified of abandonment, of letting go. Some people defend themselves so perfectly they never fall in love. But within you there is such a great potential to love and this potential will flower when you meet the right person. However, if you have had very difficult childhood, if you have suffered a severe trauma like losing a parent, if adolescence left you with a dark depression that never seemed to go away, you might find falling in love more of a challenge. Perhaps you have been told that falling in love could be the answer to your dreams, yet on some level you don’t believe it. Somewhere, deep down you have a mistrust of love.

Emotional Hardship

You have seen your friends fall in love with the wrong people who were too young, too old, lived abroad or were married already. You did not like what you saw. Yet you realise on some level that you also have an emotional blockage to love and that in order to overcome it you might need to sit down and name what the problem is, find out what makes you tick, perhaps undergo some counselling sessions to acquire more self knowledge. You need to unlearn your fear of love, transcend the fear that holds you back from truly feeling deeply for another. Perhaps you could connect to a psychic and have her predict what your new love script could be once you have the courage to read it!


When we fall in love we learn to know another. We learn to completely trust and confide in each other, we share memories, share difficulties, share life’s joys. When you fall in love it will seem like a miracle in itself. You will recognize another; build a strong connection that sustains their life and yours. Surprisingly, that can scare some people. It might scare you! To be so very close to another human being can seem challenging. One is afraid of eventually being judged, of being rejected, of being unable to fulfil their expectations, of not being good enough when that self trust is not strong enough.


But yes, you will fall in love, because you are destined to. There is more to you than your physical body, you are a soul, and that soul needs to follow its “kismet”. And that soul is constantly seeking inspiration and open heartedness. Instinctively, you know in the depths of your heart that love will enrich you. You will probably fall into an alpha state, when you fall in love. You could touch another dimension of feeling, you might suddenly be happier. You could become even more relaxed, more optimistic and start to notice how beautiful the world actually is, and how easily you can connect to others, with so much heartedness.

If you want to fall in love, start to realise that you are a body but also a vibration that manifests thoughts, that what you think is what occurs. So if you really believe you cannot fall in love, or have doubts, you might create a vibration that blocks out the love you seek.


The main obstacle to falling in love currently is your fear. Perhaps you saw your parent’s marriage fall apart and are afraid of ending up like they did. Perhaps you cannot forget your abandoned mum, fuming when dad did not come to pick you up when he said he would. Perhaps you watched her resentment, her anger at how she had been treated too frequently. Family traumas are many, and therefore what people call “love” might not be what you want to feel. Your current emotions are frequently memories of your past experiences, but you can change those emotions, and build something better. It is possible!

So yes, you will fall in love. You will overcome aforementioned defence mechanisms the moment your ordained soul mate walks into the ball room, the caf, the hall, the office where you are sitting filing your nails. You can expect anything to happen, the moment it is time to fall in love. And that time will come without a doubt!