Psychic Reading Telephone

32339556oldphoneThe telephone rings, it is your boyfriend Harry; he tells you that he is ready to start again. Your mobile peeps, another message from Harry who says that he has rethought the situation and he feels it is best to break up instead. You are about to scream, so you call a psychic reading telephone whiz kid, the type of lady who sees auric colours and others’ thought forms might help and for sure you know where to turn when it comes to metaphysical answers to the horrors of existence.

A Helping Hand

A psychic reading telephone metaphysical genius has been your best friend, for months, ever since your boyfriend dumped you five times, in one year and you continued to go back to him for more. That psychic reading telephone genius, the lady who always told you the guy who acted like he hated you, actually loved you, is Mabel of course and she has a voice as deep as a frog’s croak, really fruity, wise and kind. You always ask for her when you call in, you forgot her pin number once, at the beginning, and thought you were going to tear your hair out. Thank God you found it scrawled on a piece of scraggily paper under the computer.

The fact is, no other psychic has ever managed to convey the same feelings as that psychic reading telephone genius called Mabel. You nicknamed her the psychic reading telephone witch and she laughed and laughed. That psychic reading telephone witch called Mabel told you right from the start that your boyfriend Harry was going to have you running around in circles. Mabel also told you that he loved you and you knew she was right at the time. But you had to laugh though when Mabel the psychic reading telephone witch told you that the best punishment for Harry was to send him to Thailand and get him swimming with dolphins for a year. “That would get him out of the pub” Mabel the psychic reading telephone witch giggled.

Psychic Rapport Building

The fact is, you have been chatting to your beloved Mabel the psychic reading telephone witch for one year. You added it up only the other day, and you realize she got you through the moment Harry stood you up, as you waiting in the freezing cold outside the Aniston Cinema. She got you throw the night Harry slammed the door after he said he never wanted to see you again too. Mabel was there for you again, when you could not stop sobbing the night Harry got drunk and said such terrible things you thought you would die. In fact Mabel the psychic reading telephone witch is always there, strangely, because you know she does not work 24 hours a day!

Sometimes you think Mabel was always there for you, long before you met her. You have grown to believe she is your guardian angel and you love her for her devotion to duty, her juicy giggles and the way she never, ever judges you but just sees the best in you, when you cannot.

This time you tell Mabel you are giving up, that you are going to take up the advice she gave Harry, you who are going to Thailand to lie on the beach and play with the dolphins. You know that there is more to life than waiting for that freckle faced meany, you are tired of being his punch bag, you are going to take up new opportunities, the ones he missed out on over and over again. .

Mabel the psychic reading telephone witch starts to laugh, and tells you “At last honey, a door will open for you, you know, you are about to meet your true soul mate, believe it, know it! Trust me.!” And no matter how much she giggles, you do trust Mabel, for she is the best psychic reading telephone witch there is!”