Psychic Phone Line

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When was it you last lifted your trembling forefinger, dialled the psychic phone line and started screaming? According to Sue Minns in her book Soul mates, it was probably when you hit a couple of Samskara, those darned hiccups in our karmic picture. Or rather the esoteric term for those unresolved emotions that we carry with us from lifetime to lifetime.

Let us explain! According to Sue, who is a well known past life regressionist, hypnotherapist and lecturer at the College of Psychic Studies, in London, those Samskara might surface when the bank says pay your overdraft or be condemned to ruin. They could also surface when the lover you worshipped leaves you for your best friend. They definitely will surface when your flat mate borrows and uses, your favourite eye shadow. Those darned Samskara are everywhere! And the best of us dial psychic phone lines with habitual angst as a result.

So although your trembling forefinger does indeed dial that psychic phone line for some basic comfort and insight, on another level you might want to burst into tears, tear your hair out and stamp like a five year old, muttering madly that “life is beastly”, or some such phrase. The fact that the phrase” life is beastly” associates with a past life, a couple of thousand years ago, when you were your basic Christian being thrown to those snarling Roman lions, the beastliest of beasts, does not pass even the back of your cerebellum!


So how does Sue suggest we spot the Samskara, before we present the problem to the psychic phone line or the other alternative, get carried away in a little white van with the Red Cross on it? We try to stay calm is an obvious answer, the empath on the other end of the psychic phone line will have difficulty helping us if we sound like we have just been released from Broadmoor. Any intuitive on a psychic phone line will know what the Samskara are anyway. Everyone has them, she has them, and even the Queen has them. Sue Minns tells us in her book how they show up, quote

A – They cut us off from our environment, making us believe we live in our world as opposed to the world.

B – They are reactional, knee jerk responses.

C – They cause a distorted view of reality.

D – They show up as anger, jealousy, shame or guilt.

E – They are triggered by people and situations.

F – They cut us off and overshadow our souls by reinforcing our link to the astral or emotional body.

G – They make us feel generally off balance. Unquote

Ring a bell? So pick yourself up off the floor, these weird states that you have had since you were in the cradle, and have you scratching at the wall paper, and picking at your nail extensions, are shared with the other 99.9 percent of humanity, including your Aunt Nellie. Realize that most of these negativities, or rather the Samskara, are to do with past lives and you can rid yourself of them with self awareness. You can talk them over with a sensitive empath on a psychic phone line for example. You can analyze them on the therapist’s couch. Do a few past life regression therapies, you can simply pray or get a few spiritual healing sessions, realizing that even though you really thought you had lost your soul mate, and you were ready to buy a box full of Bach Flower Rescue Remedy to drown your sorrows, the psychic on the end of the psychic phone line said he would return. And in fact he did, the moment you got cantered, realised that your soul was stronger than your body and believed in the eternity and beauty of life. Get it? If not call a psychic phone line and ask them to explain it to you, we are off having our nervous breakdown!