Psychic Readers

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When we talk about psychic readers we allude to their astonishing capacity to “see beyond the veil” Psychic readers tell us when we are about to face a critical situation, like falling in love or leaving our spouse. Psychic readers predict our futures through visions, or pre cognitive dreams. They see symbolic “happenings” working within a person’s life, or sometimes life changing events like “nine eleven”. Something quite amazing works through psychic readers and that “something” touches our lives, even though we do not have a logical explanation at our fingertips.

Am I Psychic?

Would it surprise you to learn that we too can be psychics? In fact many of us are, without being aware of it. May be we are disturbed by our precognitive dreams and prefer to forget them. We might be shocked at our sudden understandings of life and the universe, especially when we are living through an extreme event, like the death of a parent, bankruptcy or the birth of a child. But the fact is, when we step out of our everyday habits, life tends to hit us with intensity, and we notice the result can be a more “alive” feeling because we are no longer in our “usual” frame of reference, so we access more insight, sometimes shrieking “Eureka” when “the penny drops” or the “chickens come home to roost”. Something in our mind connects to our heart at these moments and we “know” the truth beyond doubt and the “logical” hologram that mainstream education and science teaches us.

Cognitive Dissonance

There is a known psychological state called “cognitive dissonance”, when our experiences clash with our beliefs. We go into shock at those times. We are naturally inclined to “reason” when we see a UFO. Some of us even block out metaphysical experiences from our minds, almost like we block out unpleasant memories. A woman was reported to consistently see a ghost walking through her bedroom wall, but for years was in denial, until someone else saw it too. Only then did she start to scream! In these odd cases we become aware that our models of reality might be very mistaken indeed.

It is natural to think that time moves one way, from the past to the future. However, new science has assessed a model of time that curves back on itself, bringing information from the future into the present. There is also a notion of a “block universe” whereby everything is present at the same time, indeed where all events are already lain out before us. Interestingly, there is nothing in modern physics that distains the reality of premonitions, in fact the existence of psychic readers is never excluded by Quantum Scientists and String Theory buffs. Some say that science is merely a description of the universe and it is all “made up”. In fact one could say, we know virtually nothing about the nature of reality and are grasping at straws to convey what it does mean!

In a recent on line survey it was noted that over 14 million people had had pre cognitive dreams about “nine eleven!” Additionally, when that recent and very unfortunate Air France plane crashed out of the sky on route from Rio to Paris, one of the passengers survived. He had cancelled his seat on the flight. A friend had phoned him to tell him that if he got on that plane he would not get off it alive! One could call that warning “destiny” or at least a mysterious element working through his friend. Yet, perhaps if we were more open to the marvels of our own consciousness and learnt about how timeless souls connect to “all that is”, we would cut through illusion too, and even save our own lives. In other words, we could morph into one of those very special psychic readers who understand so clearly there is so much more to life than meets the eye!