Psychic Test

7363959topdogcookieA psychic test might come in the oddest guises. In fact a psychic test might not necessarily mean that an empath is scrutinized for their skills by a group of sceptics, or even a client wants to be sure they are getting the right answers through some assessment process, but instead a psychic test could come in the form of predicting world events. A psychic test could be, for example, the recent information downloads by one of the most popular metaphysical guys on this planet.

David Wilcock

David Wilcock is a look-alike for Edgar Cayce. Cayce is still considered by many to be the most famous prophet of all time, a man who foretold a planetary polar shift, a medical intuitive who died in 1945. Cayce might agree that David is an extremely gifted intuitive if he were alive today. He might not feel the need to put David through a psychic test however, but what David predicted recently, will make many “shiver their timbers!” and want to put David through some fiery hoops in the accuracy department!

Yet American David is quite a guy. On his website, it is confirmed he is a professional lecturer, filmmaker and researcher of ancient civilizations. He has studied “consciousness science” and is one of the leaders in new paradigms of matter and energy. His upcoming Hollywood film “Convergence” will unveil the proof that all life on Earth is united in a field of consciousness, which affects our minds in fascinating ways.

If David gets his predictions right the most important psychic test in human history will be passed with flying colours! Now if you are one of those people who are not into “conspiracy theories” you might find David’s prophecies irritating, and decide to fail him in the psychic test department. But as you read the following material, ask yourself would you classify his “vision” as powerful? And would you believe that his passing or failing the psychic test would mean so much to humanity’s destiny.

He says:

You’re not going to be waiting much longer to see some very, very epic changes in the world

The events on the planet are coming together now at an incredible speed. and the aftermath will be nothing short of spectacular.

The way things go on this planet, we do seem to need very significant wake-up calls in order for changes to occur. In order for the common people to truly ‘get’ the scope of what’s going on and be mobilized enough to really put an end to it, the pain has to reach a critical mass.

The research I’m putting together from a variety of sources, including insider testimony as well as clear and available data in the media, all conforms to this same message.

I don’t know precisely when it will be, how long we’ll have to go through this endurance test, or how bad it will be. However, I’m hearing from lots of people, including those whose accuracy I trust, that their dreams are portending a very epic sequence of changes is about to unfold.

I believe I’ve been asked to give you this message so that more of us will be able to see a positive path through these events as they begin happening. The propaganda and paranoia will surge to incredible new levels as this starts to unfold

After reading this disturbing information, would you say David is someone one could believe in, and would he pass the prophecy psychic test in your book? A test that foretells humanity’s evolution in such stark terms?

We leave the ball in your court and ask you to score David’s accuracy regarding what “could” be the most important psychic test in history, because if David is right, get your safety belt on and be prepared to ride a universal big dipper!