Text Psychics

81362583prettytextingAre You Unsettled?

Your boyfriend has not called, you are waiting to hear whether you have passed your driving test, you want to know whether the loan has gone through, the cat will come home, your long term partner will ask you to marry him? Does he love me you might wonder? Are we ever going to get the money we need to buy the house we want? But who can you ask and above all who can you ask who will give you a quick and a straight to the point answer?

Various Text Psychic Services

This is where text psychics come in. They are a team of extraordinary empaths who sit at their computers receiving your questions, analyzing them, tuning into them and then at a super fast rate reply with a succinct, to the point and above all precise answer, helping you find some sense to the issues at hand. They are usually psychics who incorporate other disciplines into their practice. For example, text psychics might also be healers, or have a “gift” they only want to use part time, as they work other jobs. No matter how ludicrous text psychics might seem, they are just as valid, perhaps a tad more so, than your basic reader. Why? because in the space of a nano second they tune into your problem and give you a channelled answer.

Text Psychic Workload

Text psychics can deal with huge volumes of requests piling in on top of each other. Their quick turnaround can be daunting. As they start the day they will meditate on their higher perceptions and then as the texts come through, go spontaneously with the flow. Text psychics do not “analyze” as they have a small space to express their answers, sometimes less than 10 words, therefore they need to have a fine command of the English language and a capacity to connect to a person they cannot see, hear or touch, someone who is holding a mobile in their hand, and wanting clarity. Text psychics tune into very diverse energies across the air waves. People from all walks of life consult text psychics, sometimes professional, perhaps a show biz personality, or a simple housewife. Every so often they will take a short break to focus and then return to their desks to tune into the issues at hand yet again.

True Story

Joanne is part of a team of text psychics. She usually works about four hours per day. We asked her why she enjoys her job. She told us that she loves giving succinct answers to help a client and working from home is a plus as she can be close to her small children and create her own magical atmosphere. She always burns incense before going on line and meditates saying a prayer to protect her clients and herself from any energetic interference. She says that she loves the conversations that sometimes ensue. She even has a few clients who chat to her via their texts, so she can go more deeply into the question itself. She likes to make her clients feel at ease, yet she will not hold back from “telling it how it is” if necessary.

Text psychics are tested just as arduously as normal online psychics and telephone empaths. It is necessary they are able to understand a situation quickly and do not “hum” and “ha”. If 20 texts are lining up “humming” and “ha-ing” text psychics are not going to be able to keep abreast of the situation. The reaction needs to be immediate and the connection to Spirit clear and authentic. So next time you call text psychics, make sure your question is clear too, and then you can expect a very “accurate” answer in return.