Free Compatibility Reading

1752434coupleIt was as if they had known each other forever. Janey just took one look at Henry, and her eyes widened, but Henry’s literally popped out of his head! The whole thing seemed “heaven sent”. Soon they were madly in love and knew that they are meant for each other. The romance picked up quota as they talked for hours on end, no longer estranged in their isolated worlds. Jane had always felt different to other people, somewhat “out on a limb!” Henry admitted most people did not “get” his alternate views on reality, Jane replied she had always believed in spiritual things, in life after death for example. Their connection buzzed with unusual romantic intensity. Their intimate symbiosis shook them to their cores. They decided to live together, but before you could say “Jack Robinson” Jane was on the Internet searching for a free compatibility reading, they had just had their first row. Cruel words pushed them both into emotional free fall. “A short weekend break might be the answer,” Henry said. He did not want to lose Jane because of a stupid row. He would take her down to his parent’s holiday home. They were laughing as they sped down the motorway, but what should have been a great weekend turned into a nightmare.

Astrology Compatibility

The sparks flew about, who should do the shop while the other cleaned up after breakfast. An everyday problem had turned nasty; a gremlin had sneaked into their relationship and Jane was amazed at how unkind Henry was. She told her mum she just could not forget his cutting insults. Henry confided in friends, saying Jane had made him feel like an incapable jerk. Their relationship was in a tailspin. Jane tried a free compatibility reading on line, at least she might get some feedback. The free compatibility reading made out that since Jane was a Leo and Henry was an Aries, their natures mixed and matched perfectly. Jane knew a bit about Astrology, she understood that Fire signs could overcome most odds with that “noblesse oblige” attitude of theirs. Therefore the free compatibility reading had confirmed there was no real reason for their problems. She felt better, and put Henry’s “tantrums” down to intimacy issues set off by their new relationship until two months later, when they were about to visit her mum. Henry started yelling in the car without any reason. He put his foot on the breaks, and dumped her on the curb. She was in crisis, and needed in-depth advice to understand what was going on. She went on line again, determined she would talk to a psychic counsellor, someone who could see the future of her relationship, but also give her advice as to how to handle it. Marisa was advertised as an intuitive relationship specialist. She tuned into the situation immediately. “You have met your soul mate, Honey. You are made for each other” she insisted. “This is not the right time to break up. You are processing past life trauma; you were relatives in another life but bickered all the time, even then. Those resentments are resurfacing again in this life!”

Spiritual Counselling

Marisa suggested that Jane got some ongoing spiritual counselling but also that she investigate past life regression, a year later not only is Jane and Henry back together but have also decided to get married. Jane attempted a past life regression where she discovered those personal issues with Henry were related to an ancient trauma. That session had been challenging. Yet it had been hard to come to terms with what had seemed an “illogical” reason for her relationship challenges. When she told mum, she had laughed, “Oh really dear, you don’t believe in that sort of thing surely?” Jane knew few people gave credence to past lives. But she had always been an oddball, and mainstream answers would not fulfil her yearning to understand life. Sometimes she still calls Marisa, but does not do any more free compatibility readings; she prefers a consultation with an intuitive to help unravel life’s issues. Jane and Henry continue to talk about how astounding it was to think those terrible rows originated in another place and time! Some say, “seeing is believing”, to Jane and Henry it was “feeling is believing!”