Live Tarot Reading

34814012universalHave you ever thought that the psychic tuning into your live tarot reading might actually not be using tarot at all but something called Psycards, or a new Age Alterative to Tarot?

Carl Gustav Jung

Catt Foy explains in her article on the Psycard website. “Psycards is a deck of tarot-size cards used as an oracle and for personal psychological exploration. The cards’ archetypal images are based upon the theories of psychoanalyst Carl Gustav Jung, who believed that mankind shared a collective consciousness, wherein these universal images and ideas existed and expressed themselves in all cultures and religions.”

Obviously if you want to check out the Psycards you will need to talk to Catt, but the story as to how Psycards begun is a very interesting one and for that reason some psychics would probably like to use them as they tune into your live tarot reading.

Nick Hobson

Catt continues to explain in her article that “British advertising manager, Nick Hobson, a long-time student of both Tarot cards and Jungian psychology, had an argument with his wife. As he spent the night on the floor of a friend’s house, he had a dream in which he saw the elements of his life laid out like cards on a table. He found, in this dream, that he could rearrange the cards in various ways, giving him control over each influence. Each card represented some aspect of his life: his job, his wife, his mother. This sense of being in control and understanding the elements of his situation remained with Nick after he awoke. Shortly afterward, the concept of the cards took shape.”

You will often find that readers are rather like Nick, in the sense that they seek the most accurate analysis during their live tarot reading and will “see” into the archetypes that reveal themselves so pictorially on the cards, during that live tarot reading. Archetypes, such as The Chariot or The Lovers, are sign posts for the client, depicting universal forces that guide an individual forwards. In other words, empaths who love to tune into a live tarot reading, might also have a keen interest in diverse tarot packs once they get into various facets of interpretation. But notwithstanding, changing a tarot pack can be a big decision.

Studying The Tarot

Catt continues in her article, “Nick had an interest in the Tarot, but also felt that the symbols used in the Tarot required a great deal of study before one could interpret them accurately. What if there was a deck of cards where the images were clear and meaningful to all who used them? Didn’t Carl Gustav Jung’s ideas about universal symbolism provide the key to these images? Nick began to develop the cards in conjunction with Maggie Kneen, an art student with a strong interest in Anglo-Saxon art. Together they shaped the vivid and evocative images seen on the Psycards.”

As we inferred above, not all readers who tune into a live tarot reading will want to move on from their traditional pack. Their cards are their chums, old friends who accompany them through life. They rarely change their tarot mates, usually keeping the pack somewhere safe, covered up by a cloth so it retains its mystical energy. But on the odd occasions the psychic who carries out a live tarot reading will go through life traumas just like the rest of us and as a result investigate diverse packs of tarot cards, cards that fit in with the new energy she emanates as a result of her crisis. Therefore, as the empath makes changes in her life, it is not that rare to see tarot packs change with the psychic’s lifestyle. In fact the basic and popular Rider Waite pack could morph into the Aquatic Tarot, the Colman Smith Tarot, the Palladini Tarot or the Marseilles Tarot if the Psychic transforms her inner world and needs to interpret her live tarot reading differently.

This makes a live tarot reading even more interesting, since every tarot pack has a particular energy that describes events and people and the psychic not only tunes into her client during a live tarot reading, but she tunes into the “essence” of the cards. In fact the more proficient she is at connecting to that essence, the more proficient she will be at nailing your past, present and future. So next time you go for a new pack of tarot cards, the best thing to do is to “tune into ’em” good and proper, and “sense” whether they really fit your mood!