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Is your latest flame an Aries and your erotic fire is hard to put out? (maybe because you are a Leo and together your home hearth burns strong and hot!) Or are you a Leo having a “head banging” time with a Scorpio, because you hate all that Mr. Pluto subterfuge, all that control freak manipulation, all that Leo – Fire/Scorpio Water dampening of the auric field?

Want to know why Cancer and Scorpio merge together like two halves of an amoeba, or your Taurus sun sign is inclined to shrug at a Saggy lover’s penchant to holiday in Baghdad?

Linda Goodman explains the above in her masterpiece Sun Signs. She lays out before us, as will an astrology free chart, stark realities as to why some relationships are “sucks” and others touch the high note – from a starry perspective of course. Your astrology free chart might not go into the minutest astro details, but it can guide you to comprehending at least some of the sun signs tendencies around relationship issues.

Intellectual Gemini and “Can’t-decide-what-socks-to-wear!” Pisces are another interesting combo. Your astrology free chart could have a field day with that “coupling!” Gemini will have a tendency to explain to Pisces why they are so indecisive. Their mother breast fed them too long, for example. As Linda says “air penetrates water, it stirs it, churns it and there by a transmutation can occur!” The kind of transmutation whereby our Pisces swims out of sight with the aquarium under their arm.

Could you astrology free chart ever get the picture regarding Water and Water couplings, as per the obsessed, “Don’t-play- with-my-pet-Spider” Scorpio,and your “Let’s-weave-a-tapestry-together!” Cancer? What will usually happen is total symbiosis, with Scorpio weaving majestic tapestries and Cancer playing catch with the tarantula. Water and water is a nine point five match on the Richter scale, when it comes to emotional “togetherness! They are nearly always soul mates.

As for your astrology free chart deciphering the mechanics of an Earth/Earth combo, let’s face it when your steely, “Rise- to-the-top-of-the-pile” Capricorn couples with your “Where-have-I-put-my-adding machine?” Virgo, unapproachable Himalayan mountains can be climbed. But, as Linda also reminds us, an Earth/Earth “quake” might occur, just because Virgo “tidied away” Cappy’s invite to the Oscars!

An astrology free chart could tell you that Air and Air blow each other to the heavens, that Fire and Fire stoke the coals of passion, that Earth and Earth dig their heels in, that Water and Water merge with each other’s souls and that yes, Fire and Water end up in a cloud of smoke, as per our aforementioned “Stroppy-and-Oh-so-Drama-Queen” Leo and our “Strong-and-very, very-silent-Scorpio”. It has to be faced, astrology is insightful when it comes to the deeper issues of human existence and always helps us get the “astro” picture. In fact, Linda Goodman was convinced that all star signs have a mission to fulfil together, their 12 astro components mixing and matching in a perfect “dance” of love. So next time you see a Scorpio and Leo arguing about who squeezed the tooth paste from the middle of the tube, know that they are “working out their destiny!” in more ways than one!