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Would it surprise you to learn that Californian scientists have actually created a psychic mind reading computer? “Science fiction has come to town”, you might say, but the truth is this computer can actually cotton on to what you are thinking, and even create a picture of that thought. The thoughts the computer analysed were visions created in the brain whilst the subjects watched movies. These thoughts were then transferred on to a print out as a drawing. The idea of such technology might make some think a computer could put most live psychic readings to the bottom of our lists of things to do, or that live psychic readings would become a thing of the past!

What is intriguing is that scientists are beginning to understand that psychic abilities exist, especially if they are ready to simulate them in a laboratory. Accepting the fact that a psychic can read minds, might not seem so “way out” after all, even to the sceptics, especially if a computer programme can do it!

Psychic News

In the November 2 edition of Psychic News, it is stated “The scientists at Berkeley say that the technology could be used to solve crimes or recount what an eyewitness saw during a crime!” Certainly such a computer might be able to delineate a picture in the brain, but it would not be able to see the past or prophesize the future, that kind of event can only take place during live psychic readings. Live psychics readings connect to an indefinable energy that is not only emanated by the brain but by the heart and the central nervous system. But it is unlikely that an empath carrying out live psychic readings will tell you what another is thinking. It is against her protocol to pry into thoughts without permission. In fact the moral significance of such a computer programme could be called into question. It might be used by the military to pry into top secret information, to ascertain whether someone is lying in a court of law, to imitate another’s creative ideas or steal another’s life mission. If such a computer fell into the wrong hands, it could become extremely dangerous.

Live psychics readings avoid such moral quandaries. Most live psychic readings are indeed based on the client’s internal state but also on their soul’s journey. It is rare that a psychic will analyze thoughts, if those thoughts refer to private yearnings, or secret longings. She knows that to do so would be to walk rough shod over another’s privacy. Live psychic readings are therefore part of a spiritual reality that could never be mechanized, or computerized. They are also rather unpredictable in the sense that some psychics will not always tune into an individual, may be due to a shut down auric field, or the client’s need to “test” the psychic’s powers. Many people do not realize that the majority of psychics have intense “visions” or “feelings”, “sensations” that are indefinable to most people, yet comprehensible to one who accesses the paranormal with ease. Live psychic readings can be both clear and enigmatic; certainly they bear no resemblance to a computer programme! But it is indeed fascinating to note that science is catching up with the paranormal on a virtually daily basis! Now that does give us food for thought!