TV Psychics


Are you a sceptic who gets a kick out of de-masking phony TV psychics? Notwithstanding the acceptance of paranormal phenomena as a possibility on the part of Quantum physicists, sceptics still perceive metaphysical phenomena as “snake oil”. In fact they view TV psychics and psychics generally, as a bunch of ruthless charlatans. They ignore repeated evidence of genuine paranormal phenomena tested in laboratory conditions as a matter of procedure.

The Straight Dope “sceptic” website states they have been fighting ignorance for years. Quote:” Demonstrations of psychic ability aren’t considered evidence unless they’re done under scientifically-controlled conditions. Which is a fancy way of saying no fudging, trickery, or cheating is permitted. Psychic readings done in someone’s living room, a carnival booth, or a TV studio aren’t scientifically controlled. The search for evidence of psychic powers has been going on around the world for over a century – the American Society for Psychical Research was founded in 1885. All that research has failed to produce a single psychic who can demonstrate genuine psychic ability,” unquote. In the sceptic’s view, TV psychics are just another string to the “metaphysical bow of conspiracy”, or at the very worst crooked TV psychics are bamboozling a gullible public!

Victor Zammit

Yet, Victor Zammit, a respected lawyer, presents his case for psychic phenomena without a qualm. Info regarding psychic experimentation is lain out succinctly on his website, and might be useful for anyone considering TV psychics. One such test was registered as follows: “Dr Eugene Osty, head of the Metaphysic Institute in Paris, proved under laboratory conditions that a young medium, Rudi Schneider, was able to produce genuine phenomena without fraud. Dr Osty placed the objects to be moved upon a small table. Across the top of the table he passed a beam of infra-red rays invisible to the eyes of those present, but the apparatus was designed that if any solid object was interposed in the path of the rays, cutting off as much as thirty per cent of them, a battery of cameras would be exposed, flashlights ignited and the pictures taken of the tabletop at that moment. This would happen if any material thing tried to move the objects – say a human hand. A series of photos would at once reveal the fraud. In the sittings that ensued objects were moved on numerous occasions, flashes were set off and the plates developed. What did they show? Nothing – that is abnormal. They just showed the table top. But something had nevertheless been moving about over the table because the beam of infra-red rays had been interfered with and the objects had been displaced (Carrington 1973:54). The first stage of the experiment was successful with the medium obtaining the co-operation of intelligence from the afterlife to move things around so that his presence was made known as evidenced by the battery of cameras flashing when the intelligence moved the items on the table.” Unquote.

Paranormal Authenticity

Another interesting test that supports the authenticity of the paranormal and TV psychics also was reported as follows: “A series of laboratory experiments involved the participation of one of the most successful American mediums ever, Mrs. Garrett, who submitted herself to all kinds of scientific investigations. She was tested by leading universities and scientific groups in Europe and America. Mrs. Garrett as a medium stated that she had a regular contact with a spirit or intelligence by the name of Urvani who would speak through her while she was in trance. The experimenters decided to use a word association test devised by Dr Carl Jung to test whether Urvani was really a separate entity from Mrs. Garrett. To attest that the subject cannot maintain fraud for any length of time, a word association test of 100 words was used, where the response time to a word is measured in tenths of a second. Any inconsistency and hesitation is noticed immediately. This being so, it was arranged that Urvani would himself take the test and bring in another seven intelligences from the afterlife to also participate. The results showed conclusively that the word associations of Mrs. Garrett, of Urvani and the seven other entities were all radically different and that it was NOT possible for the information transmitted to have come from one person, from one mind (Carrington 1973:59). These results correspond with the evidence that we survive physical death and that our personality, our mind, our character survive with us.”

It surprises us that so little unprejudiced research has been undertaken by the sceptics themselves. Perhaps individual mindset creates failure or success when it comes to proving that TV psychics are genuine. But let us attest to TV psychics, and psychic phenomenon as being far more exact than given credit for. When seeking TV psychics it is recommended we “connect” with an open hearted and genuine need for input. Tricking TV psychics will result in false readings.