Psychic Game

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The word “games” make us think of light hearted activities, but psychic games also infers a magical energy, a kind of supernatural “frisson” to the fun to be had. Of course we have numerous psychic games to choose from on line. We can test our psychic ability and ESP faculties by going for some psychic test sites to see whether we are clairvoyant or just plain daft. There are also psychic games for teens on various websites where they can explore the meaning of tarot cards or just test out their metaphysical skills by playing various games with shapes and sounds. The online compatibility test is one of the psychic games people just love to play, they fill in the name of the guy or gal they are interested in, followed by their own name and then press a button to see whether the love story has a future. We can even suss out our sixth sense or play psychic detective on line too.

Social Psychic Games

In other words, psychic games are the fun thing to do these days, especially at parties and social gatherings. May be the current world crisis encourages us to go for the metaphysical in order to think of something other than 2012, a possible war with Iran, and our overdraft. Even if individuals have no psychic gifts whatsoever, when they hear the words “let’s play some psychic games!” they perk up and try to discover if they have them. The Carrie and Danielle website also cite some fun psychic games to get us going at a party.

A Few Games To Try!

One game is trying to guess what another is thinking. You ask them to pick an animal and write its name down on a piece of paper, then get the other folks at the party to “read” or “sense” what the animal is. Is it a cat, dog, hen, monkey, lion, zebra, etc.? This will create a lot of laughter and giggles as people make mistake after mistake.

Psychic games such as sending some guy out of the room, while others choose a person for him to identify when he returns, can create bedlam asking the poor “fall guy” to tune into which individual was chosen virtually guarantees a fit of the giggles and the feeling one is a kid again!

A party trick like a “Psychometry Experience” can get everyone super excited too. Ask best mates to put some special object into a box when others are obviously not watching. You could do this as they come in to join the party! Then take the objects out of the box and ask the other folks to guess which object belongs to whom. Again jollity usually follows; it certainly eases the stress of these times to enjoy psychic experimentation and psychic games!

Other psychic games could be the use of a pendulum to assess “who fancies who?”, or gazing into a crystal ball and pretending to be a fair ground gypsy at the charity raising do, if done in a light hearted manner of course. All these psychic games can be fun; as long as we do not play lightly with an Ouija board and keep our games clear and above board, we should not have any “spooky” repercussions.

The fact is as folks play these psychic games some realize that they actually do possess psychic abilities that they did not know they had. Perhaps they can pick up whose jewellery is whose at first glance, or always guess which person was chosen when they were sent out of the room, or even pick up the right animal more frequently than most. Some might say this is just “luck” and a result of playing too many psychic games, but the fact could be that people actually do possess metaphysical gifts and just need an opportunity to use them, such as fun psychic games!