Ghost The Movie

Remember the film “Ghost” where only Whoopi Goldberg could communicate with Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore’s adored but defunct lover? Certainly from the outside Whoopie seemed as daft as a brush and in normal terms would have been defined a schizophrenic. Yet in “Ghost” Whoopie was a Clairaudient, an individual who had the capacity to hear, see and define realities beyond normal human perception. So is Clairaudience a hallucination or a metaphysical phenomenon? Whatever perception you buy into “Clairaudient” means a natural born Psychic who can hear imperceptible voices or sounds pertaining to Spirit activity and then channel them into 3-D reality.

Joan of Arc

A 12-year-old French peasant girl born in Eastern France heard the voices of Saint Michael and Saint Catherine. The celestial voices told her to deliver her beloved country from English rule. Brave, charismatic, beautiful she led the French people into battle and won over the English, but traitors sold her to her enemies and she was burnt at the stake as a witch for her troubles. Would you consider Joan of Arc a Clairaudient or mentally deranged?

Like Joan of Arc, the British Clairaudient Doris Stokes had heard disincarnate voices from childhood. Her Clairaudient gifts eventually made her one of the most famous mediums in the world. She was so popular she filled both the Sydney Opera House and the London Palladium and all tickets ran out after just two hours! Yet her own life was a challenge; she lost her only son as a wee baby, was unable to conceive again and had thirteen operations for cancer. However, her capacity to channel Spirit would help many grieving folks talk to beloved ones who had passed on. Would you consider Doris Stokes Clairaudient or mentally deranged?

Stories of a beloved pet “hearing” their owner’s footsteps long before they return home have been reported. Cats sometimes travel hundreds of miles to return to the home they love, some parrots have been known to “squawk” out words their owner was just thinking! Dogs, dolphins and bats have a diverse biological construct of the inner ear, and their interpretation of high-pitched sonar waves is far more developed than ours. Yet their “gifts” should not be considered that unusual, since sound is known to vibrate at variant frequencies indiscernible to the human ear.

Could a Clairaudient have a different brain construct to us? Could the reason she/he perceives visions and spirit voices be a biological accident or a great spiritual gift? Certainly sceptics would argue these people are mentally disturbed or suffer from delusions. Yet both Quantum Physics and the String Theory are making exciting discoveries as to how energy interprets itself throughout the universe and we are all aware our everyday perception of reality is somewhat limited.

In purely spiritual terms, a Clairaudient has an extraordinary gift, not only can they tune into thought waves via the fifth Chakra, the sky Blue throat Chakra, which is responsible for vocal expression on the physical, mental and spiritual planes, but they connect to angelic or spirit guides. One well known Clairaudient, who shall remain anonymous, repeatedly hears the voices of thousands of angels singing and is moved to tears at the splendour of those celestial choirs every time. Sometimes, a Clairaudient will mimic the voice of a deceased loved one with such accuracy the client will be shaken to their core. These kinds of intense experiences are “destined” and do not happen during every reading, but when they occur they are life changing for all concerned.

Clairaudients are also adept at debugging environments from ghosts, as their capacity to communicate with entities is quite normal to them. Usually they chat to the spirit, reminding them they are dead and that it is time to move on to the light. A Clairaudient will also track down the “banging” and “thumping” of a haunted house and pinpoint where they originate. Often the police have utilized Clairaudients to identify the whereabouts of crime scenes. Sometimes a Clairvoyant will give such precise details that cases have been resolved, but publicity on these events is very low key, Psychic people are usually kept in the back room. In fact, television programmes like Medium, or the “Afterlife” are true from the Clairaudient’s viewpoint, but celebrity-hood is usually not an acquisition when these sorts of psychic gifts are requested by the police or government agencies.

Clairaudience is perhaps not an easy gift, but it is an undoubtedly great one and even though many of these amazing people have suffered great individual loss and human challenge, they still help hundreds of people to understand what the great scientist Albert Einstein once said is indeed true. “The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious!” It is important to remember that to any Clairaudient personal contact with the “Divine” and their mission to help the suffering souls is number one on their list of things to do!