Psychic Schools

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For those who wish to develop visionary skills, attending psychic schools could be a wise solution. We are living in interesting times, with the birth of a new millennium many of us are becoming more aware of the spiritual realities that pervade our universe and wish to learn about them. Some of us were born with natural “seeing” gifts which we automatically develop as we mature. However, it has to be said psychic schools and spiritual learning institutions can help us enrich metaphysical knowledge.

The premise of all psychic schools is to enhance “perceptions” rather than cultivating delusional concepts of spiritualism. Psychic schools can offer us a rich repertoire of realistic learning material on magical lore, ESP, tarot reading, channeling, various healing therapies, spiritual philosophies, which are proposed to the discerning student around the world.

College for Psychic Studies in London

In the United Kingdom one of the most prestigious psychic schools, along with the College for Psychic Studies in London, is the Arthur Findlay College at Stansted Hall. Stansted Hall was left as an endowment by Mr. Findlay in the 1930s. His dream for the human race was an increase in numinous knowledge and the development of spiritual gifts. These days there are classes not only on spiritual studies and religions, but psychic development. The college is surrounded by beautiful grounds, a lake, a rich library to study in and an inspirational atmosphere to encourage the student’s evolution. Major exponents of metaphysical knowledge come to the college to teach seminars and courses.

The Association for Research and Enlightenment

In the United States one of the more significant psychic schools is The Association for Research and Enlightenment. The school was founded by Edgar Cayce, considered by some to be the greatest psychic of all time. The college teaches ancient mysteries, dream interpretation, philosophy, how to heighten intuition and the mysteries of reincarnation. Attending a course in this wonderful establishment is an enlightening experience that enhances psychic perceptions and self awareness.

Chiara College of Metaphysics

One of the most prestigious psychic schools in the world is the Chiara College of Metaphysics in Australia whose principal purpose is to teach its students not only how to enhance their spiritual and psychic abilities, but to grow as human beings, to create if you like, a balanced inner state. This is done with visualization practices and the benefits of guided meditations. The college teaches how to aim at the core of our spiritual essence and use the natural spiritual gifts we find there to enrich our own lives and the lives of others.

There are diverse online psychic schools that train the individual to access spiritual gifts. However, it is imperative to check out the college credentials. The University of Metaphysical Sciences for example, enables one to earn a PhD degree in Metaphysics via email, or through the post. The College’s approach is that “knowledge” holds the key to enhancing mystical capacities, along with the psychic gifts an individual possesses naturally.

Some of others would prefer not to attend psychic schools however, but learn spiritual development through self education. There are many books available that can teach us how to connect to a heightened perception of life. One of these books, The Secret was recently a best seller. The book teaches us “thought is creative” and how the Law of Attraction helps us to manifest our goals. But when it comes to psychic studies, the greatest gift we can learn is an innate love of humanity and a wish to help and benefit others. Without that capacity, spiritual education falls on arid ground.