Psychic Questions


Go on we dare you, ask some psychic questions when you get together with your mates to throw that scary Halloween party.

Imagine the scene. You are sitting around a camp fire, it is the small hours, the moon is full and you have decided to recount some chilling urban legends, just like in the horror movies. You are more than ready, after having already asked psychic questions of the tarot and yes/no psychic questions of a friend’s “magic stones” after which, you all sat in a circle holding hands. Now you are prepared to have your “cotton socks blown off” and listen to the types of stories other people tell, urban legends that could have you reaching for the creme de menthe!.

Urban Legends

Some mainstream urban legends are like the one of cat meat being served in Chinese restaurants or the contentious urban myth that again, the Chinese, eat babies, both have obnoxious and obvious racial overtones.

The emailed picture of Hercules, the World’s Biggest Dog, said to be in the Guinness book of records, is a fake, as is the scary looking desert spider photo taken in Iraq by US soldiers. The famous ‘Eye of God’ photo from Outer Space is authentic, but is obviously not the “Eye of God”. Additionally the much circulated web photograph of a great white heaving out of the water to attack a diver dangling from a helicopter ladder is another fake.

But the “scary urban legend” is something else, more to do with our primal fears about ordinary people experiencing extraordinary events. We can ease these terrors if we contact our dark places within together, like in a movie theatre or around a camp fire. However, the success of most horror films can be put down to these untapped terrors. Many of us are more than wary of “all things unknown” and “all things psychic”, because they bring up that “creepy insecurity” within. As long as we realize these are illogical fears due to our lack of knowledge of the facts, all is well.

There is one very scary urban legend that still haunts camp fires and Halloween parties alike. It is called “Don’t Answer the Phone” and has been retold on the lovetoknowparanormal website.

It is said that this is a true story so we are recounting it to you again, in the hope that you don’t reach for the creme de menthe!

A young babysitter was watching TV alone in the house, with her two charges peacefully sleeping upstairs. The phone rang about midnight. She was worried, because it was late, she said “hello” and all she heard was slow, deep breathing on the other end.

She hooked up the phone, and made herself a cup of tea. About five minutes later the phone rang again. She heard mad laughter, so she slammed the receiver down. Very upset and sobbing, she called the operator, who told her they could only trace the call if the individual called her again, and she kept them on the line for as long as possible. Indeed the telephone trilled once more, so she yelled down the receiver “Who are you?” A terrible cackle ensued, but she continued asking that same question to keep the individual on line. Bravely, she managed to hold their attention, but finally they hung up. She immediately received a call from the operator who told her to run out the front door, as the calls she had been receiving were from another extension in the same house

The poor babysitter in a panic, speeded to the front door, opened it and as she tripped into the driveway she bumped into a police officer, who told her the police had broken into the house through the back door and arrested a man upstairs who had murdered the sleeping children and probably was about to murder her too!

Okay you are perturbed so perhaps the next psychic questions you need to ask is how can I think positive and ignore scary urban legends?