Psychic Questions

10043350magicwandIt might surprise you to know that even worldly folks ask psychic questions. May be because to ask psychic questions fulfils a curiosity, opens a door to the unknown and one discovers a part within that is usually kept under wraps. To ask psychic questions means acknowledging that mysterious force flowing through reality and it is incomprehensible and yes somewhat sacred, in that it is the sustainer of all life on this planet.

Types of Questions

To ask psychic questions obviously covers a wide range of subjects. You might want to find out how your boyfriend is really feeling about you, and if he will ever ask you to marry him. You want to assess whether you should buy that fabulous house, even though such a purchase would be tight on your purse strings. Or perhaps you simply want to know all about esoteric matters, like what do those witches get up to with all those herbs, other than throw into their cauldrons when the moon is full? And even more fascinating, what is the significance of trees. You have heard nutty “earth magic” folk claim trees, or as the Red Indians refer to them “the standing people” are the guardians of reality, protective forces cleaning the air we breathe as they guard our hedge rows, gardens, walk ways and lives.

Magic Trees

Well, think Ash Tree or Flowering Ash for starters. Some metaphysical folk like to make magic wands from its branches and in the old Roman days the Ash was a symbol of justice. The stately Ash is of great magical value too, as it is considered somewhat of an “over soul” to humanity.

The Mountain Ash also has an awesome reputation, especially in those paranormal circles, may be because metaphysicians say four drops of a magical eagle’s blood fell on the Mountain Ash, way back in the old days and now it is the abode of ancient spirits, its red berries depicting, as legend would have it, the blood of that eagle.

We bet you never imagined that the Olive Tree is a bridge to the higher planes? But amazingly enough, its fruits are symbolic of the divinity that links all humanity to the infinite. When we consume olive oil, we merge with that divinity! Olive is also great for the hair and skin, and to sit under the shade of the olive tree on a scorching Mediterranean summer day, is magic in itself.

The beautiful old Oak, oh, such a beloved tree, was worshipped by ancient peoples as a fertility symbol and was said to bring luck to those who wanted to conceive a family. Its acorns were used in magical rituals and it was part of the Goddess Diana’s Sacred Tree Grove too, so let’s face it, the oak was always an aristocratic kind of tree.

The Walnut Tree is very popular when it comes to Italian witchcraft. It is said to guide a clairvoyant’s gaze into the future. Some wizards carve wands out of its branches to this day. Harry Potter probably has a collection of Walnut Tree wands! Interestingly, in the old days, when a pretty damsel walked down the aisle, it was taken as “done” that her marriage bed would be carved from the wood of a Walnut Tree. Might be a good idea in this day and age to put an end to all those wedding nerves and that honeymoon angst! Mother Nature has an answer for all our problems!!

So yes, trees are very sacred indeed, magical potions are made of their fruits and leaves, incense of their trunks and they were used, and still are, to heal humanity’s ills.

Some might say the “Old Religion” has gone, in other words “white witchcraft” has just come down to a few pretty girls rustling up spells on TV shows, but in truth, both the Lore of Magic and the Lore of Love are connected and still alive and well. But remember, to ask psychic questions is to get metaphysical feedback, answers that could surprise you. Ponder on the fact that somewhere “out there”, a group of magical folks are still invoking “peace on this earth” under that old Oak Tree! Nice thought eh?