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30719414onlinereadingRonald and Nancy Reagan


Would it surprise you to learn that Ronnie and Nancy Reagan would consult a Californian psychic before making serious political decisions concerning world affairs? Okay, perhaps Nancy would not have actually called up a free on line psychics team and have them predict the destiny of the USA but she might have gotten close to it. The White House has not been known to scoff at metaphysical goings on, even the wife of Abraham Lincoln was rumoured to hold sances at the White House, while good old Abe stood by – so free online psychic readings might have been one of Mrs Lincoln’s favourite interests if they had been available all those years ago.

Hilary Clinton

Hilary Clinton has been much involved with the Foundation of Mind Research in the USA and believe it or not, has a spirit relationship going on with Eleanor Roosevelt! Mrs. Clinton said, “Now I’m sure that there will be a talk show host somewhere who will point out with great glee that I have gone over the edge and am talking to myself and to Mrs. Roosevelt on a regular basis, but I believe that the world and particularly our country, would be better off if we all spent a little time talking with Mrs. Roosevelt!” So it is evident that even leaders of great political clout would not balk at connecting to free online psychics, all said and done.

We all know there is a tendency to “scoff” at the capacities of psychics, mediums and empaths. The Sceptics have been known to nominate them charlatans, frauds, and even rip off merchants. Sceptics are a necessary part of humanity’s search for truth, but sometimes they defeat their own purpose, which is to prove our need to experience the spiritual side of life, or even to consult free online psychics, which they deem as being nothing other than delusional.

Natasha Demikina

A case in point could have been the Discovery Channel’s documentary on Natasha Demikina, a reputable young Russian faith healer. Natasha travelled from Russia to put herself through the sceptics’ tests and prove her capacity to diagnose illness through her metaphysical gifts. She had numerous successful cases under her belt, with back up testimonials, but the documentary, in the opinion of many who viewed it, showed biased testing on the part of the sceptics.

Victor Zammit

In an article written by the lawyer, Victor Zammit, he states “Objective empirical observation shows that the debunkers (experimenters) produced a documentary and subsequent media comments which tried to humiliate, annihilate and ruin the brilliant international reputation of Natasha Demkina, a gifted Russian teenage psychic. There would be at least some 50 negative imputations to be made against the closed minded debunkers”

Some of Zammit’s statements also took into account the following facts.

* “The organizers had a duty to show mandatory ‘due diligence” and make FULL disclosures about who they really were.

* The sceptics involved had never ever in their professional lives found in favour of the paranormal and that because of their record they would not find in favour of psi.

* That if Natasha succeeded (in fact she did by international statisticians’ standards) she would have been a prime candidate for the James Randi alleged ‘$1 million prize’ for proof of psychic gifts.

Zammit also states in his report, “Where the experimenters state Natasha ‘failed’ the test, other statisticians’ state that Natasha’s results were significant. Recent experiments on telepathy conducted by a British scientist with a team from 20/20 were hailed as a success when the odds against chance as an explanation were 1 in 19. It also has to be remembered that Natasha scored an amazing 5 out of 6 in the first test.”

Anyone who saw that documentary, whether they believe in psychic phenomena or not, were probably taken aback as they watched a gifted, and still vulnerable young Russian healer travel to America of her own volition, only to face tests and trials that were not carried out by a bona fide scientist, but by journalists with biased opinions.

The problem is, sceptics consistently fail to recognize the “soul element” within human beings, or even the photographic and often medical evidence that present “miraculous” happenings in this world. The fact that these occurrences cannot always be explained by mainstream scientific protocol as yet, but could be in future, seems to evade them. Above all, it is even harder for the sceptics to debunk the intimate “personal experiences” many of us have of Spirit, as well as the significant readings experienced by the public when they consult free online psychics. Free online psychics connect to the “powers that be” and because those powers are indeed metaphysical they cannot always be guaranteed to fit into “our personal box”. But anyone who offers to join a team of free online psychics will have accepted that in the majority of cases free online psychics can help guide and comfort with predictions and “seeing” capacities. In the not too distant future, it is more than probable huge inner reservoirs of energy within the human mind and spirit will be measured by science. We are on the edge of a new adventure in consciousness!