Psychics Mediums

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Many might believe that psychics mediums, aliens and ghosts can all be bunched up into the same esoteric category. Certainly the paranormal covers a wide range of subjects and even famous celebrities are interested its magical “goings on” these days. For example, a US UFO conference saw Robbie Williams in attendance. The Sun newspaper reported that Robbie was interested in the paranormal because he felt an emptiness within and was trying to detox from too much fame.

Robbie explains: I have spent so much time looking at pictures on websites on Top Secret and conspiracy theories that I want to go and meet these people.

“I want to do something other than sit in my bed watching the news at half past ten, I want to go out and do something.

I’ve been working since I was 16. I’ve put out ten albums in ten years and it takes its toll. I’m just having a break.”””

The Sun Report tells us of Robbie’s belief that UFOs are “there all the time” but only show themselves on Earth when they make mistakes and their “protective shields” come off.

Robbie travelled to the convention in Laughlin on a private plane, accompanied by his actress girlfriend and a record producer pal. The star who has piled on the pounds in recent months, was sporting a full beard plus a khaki outfit and hat.

At the conference he was almost moved to tears by a meeting with Ann Andrews, from Lincolnshire, who believes her son Jason is regularly abducted by aliens.

Psychic & Medium Differences

Psychics mediums will certainly not be that far from Robbie’s perception of reality. In fact psychics mediums and clairvoyants have nearly all had a meeting with unidentifiable “beings” in the form of angels and yes even Aliens! Psychic mediums are diverse in their take on these ET issues however. Psychics for example, usually do not access the “afterlife”, whereas mediums do. Mediums might see these “off world” beings as members of the angelic fraternity, psychics as extraterrestrials. However psychics mediums do mix and mingle their takes when it comes to their esoteric capacities to decipher reality, in fact psychics can be gifted with a honed in perception that also connects them to spirits, ghosts and entities that are unidentified like UFOs, or critters – flying objects that some scientists believe are becausemic creatures of some “type”.

Psychics mediums, empaths as we said, are all open to various theories on the paranormal, but one thing they believe in for certain is that prayer and daily meditation connect to the divine and protect their personal auras. Psychics mediums are people that need to keep their feet firmly on the ground to keep their everyday lives going. If they let themselves get carried away by their visions, they could not live amongst the normal folks of this world. Psychics mediums will sometimes be overweight to remain grounded in fact. Their interest in the metaphysical however is not like Robbie’s they do not wish to fill a void within, but connect to “The Mystery” because it is their life mission.

Peter Sellers

Psychics mediums were often born with second sight, even if some have been trained to access that gift. Many would say the gift is genetic, rather like being born with green eyes, you either have them or you don’t! Interestingly another show biz individual who was extremely interested in psychics mediums was Peter Sellers, the great British comedian. He had an afterlife experience after a major heart attack. His take was that there were indefinable universal forces impossible to explain within the parameters of modern science. Psychics mediums would agree with that, psychics mediums have always known that there is something pulsating under the surface of our perceived reality that is not what it seems. Some psychics mediums might even say that human consciousness is about to tip over the age of Darwinian perceptions and that 2012 might see UFOS and ET’s making themselves known to the general public “en masse”. For certain, some famous people also believe that to be to be true, celebrities like Robbie Williams for example!