Live Psychic Phone Readings

34672295phonereadingWould you say that current increase in demand for live psychic phone readings could have something to do with the extraordinary times we live in, times that present new ways of deciphering reality? The fact is brilliant, new scientists are unravelling answers as to how humanity perceives reality and the truth of existence.

Peter Bancel

Peter Bancel is one of the scientists involved in the renowned Global Consciousness Project. The project utilizes delicate machinery capable of measuring human response to disaster and political trauma. Bancel states the results of these measured reactions say to 9/11 prove that what we think creates reality. Bancel confirms “there is a link between mind and matter and how they merge together is pivotal to our evolution as a species.” In other words, he inferred that the Global Project’s intriguing discoveries prove the measurement between mental intention and manifestation and that this measurement can be taken with sensitive machinery.

We are slowly realizing that say, live psychic phone readings might not be as “wacko” as certain quarters of mainstream science and culture believe them to be. In reality, it is the “belief” in the metaphysical, paranormal and mysterious that manifests their authenticity when we go for live psychic phone readings. Human consciousness has included psychic phenomena in its repertoire since time began. The Oracle of Delphi’s importance was the equivalent to a rock stars in those good, old Greek days. In fact, live psychic phone readings are today’s proof that the remarkable capacities of the human mind are alive and well.

Global Consciousness Project

We take for granted, and “expect” an empath carrying out live psychic phone readings to see our life history without ever having ever met us. This would fit in the Global Consciousness Project’s perspective that metaphysical phenomena is a human need that links to physical manifestation. We expect proof of it in other words Proof that we create, sustain and exist in many dimensions, including our physical manifestation. Spirituality is incorporating into our understanding of reality more and more. If we are not “spiritual” in the conservative sense, many of us will form our own philosophy of what life is about and our place in the universe. May be because the religions of the world have lead us to an understanding of a greater force pervading the creation. But many of us are tired out by rigid dogma and want proof of the “invisible” and how it shapes our lives. Yet perhaps the answers to existence could be more awesome than we could possibly imagine!

As we go for live psychic phone readings the empath’s capacity to analyze our emotional states can be a stunning experience! But any empath operating live psychic phone readings can do this simply because on a quantum level she or he knows we are one pulsating energy force, and she or he is simply tuning into a heightened frequency, that amazingly is scientifically measurable with mechanized equipment.

In other words, live psychic phone readings are accepted by the “new physics” which states that what we believe is what we experience. For example, it has been proved time and time again that live psychic phone readings cannot give an accurate assessment of reality if our aim is to debunk all psychics, mediums and empaths as confidence tricksters. Why? Simply because the psychic would tune into the overriding emotion of doubt and throw it back at us. The power of our “perceptions” changes our reality in the good and the bad. The closed minded remain limited, the open minded curious, it is that simple. A Newtonian Scientist might scoff at live psychic readings, debunking them, and screaming “charlatans!” But has it occurred to you that not so many years ago, men and women were burnt alive for practicing herbal medicine, or stating that the world was not, indeed, flat? In those olden days, anyone who deviated from the status quo had the thumb screws applied before they could screech “Galileo!” In fact, anyone who has presented a new version of reality has had to pay a high price since time began.

Yet, when the open minded go for live psychic phone readings their souls not only yearn to learn what the future will bring, but whether they truly exist beyond the physical form. The fact is many of us are aware that our unconscious mind is what the empath could be picking up on during live psychic phone readings In other words our destiny is mirrored in the state of our own consciousness. Consciousness remains the prime force of all existence therefore and our understanding of its power could be the key to a new way of experiencing reality. Puzzling? Exciting? Confusing? We encourage you to continue your search for answers, they could surprise you!