Psychic Clairvoyants

45376436stresswomanWhat Can Psychic Clairvoyants Do?

We are not saying that psychic clairvoyants can predict serious medical conditions, but they can certainly advise us how to live a healthier lifestyle. Why? Well, psychic clairvoyants tune into the supernatural, and therefore many are natural spiritual healers who want to see others relieved of their suffering? Psychic clairvoyants with healing gifts often perceive illnesses as stress-related, and the value placed on spirituality as an important contributory factor to harmony and well being. So they might tend to help a person through balancing their energy field, sometimes awakening healing powers within the person themselves.

Of course psychic clairvoyants would never tell anyone to stop medical treatment or avoid going to a doctor. But by tuning into Spirit, they could see a fundamental emotional cause for an “illness”. They could even perceive situations that created a health imbalance in the first place. Psychic clairvoyants know that there is always an individual personal pattern that creates ill health; it could be an emotional malaise, or a social reality that is abusive or stressful. In any event, a profound change in an individual’s lifestyle and mental attitude is frequently required to ease a serious medical condition.

Psychic Lines and Legality

Most psychic lines are legally precluded from predicting medical conditions. Psychic clairvoyants are very sensitive to this reality and avoid making prognoses, which would be against the law. But they can encourage an individual to look into his heart and perhaps note where, and what ongoing emotional imbalances might be doing to their system. When a human being takes a defensive attitude to life, their bodies become rigid and stressed as they defend themselves from everyday challenges and difficulties. Every empath knows this fact and makes adjustments to her readings as she notes the causes.

Edgar Cayce

Some psychic clairvoyants claim to be medically intuitive. Edgar Cayce, one of the most famous clairvoyants in history could diagnose health conditions just by looking at an individual. In fact most of his readings channelled relief from often dire conditions through information received from spirit guides whilst in trance. Cayce was also able to access a compelling amount of medical facts, which was astounding considering he was not a trained physician. He even regressed his clients to discover what effects past incarnations had on a present day health condition. In fact, he was able to access a massive library of spiritual and metaphysical information that could help the healing of an individual, often in a simple and basic way.

Most psychic clairvoyants who see beyond “the veil” will tell you that medical and spiritual health are “connected” and that one cannot be sustained without the other. For example, it is useless to go to a doctor for a health condition if we are still determined to drink and smoke “as if there were not tomorrow!” Psychic clairvoyants would see these disturbances in our auric field and advise us to speak to a homeopath or a psychologist, as well as a medical adviser, even to dig down deeper into the psychological causes for our excesses.

So when we become aware psychic clairvoyants cannot legally predict an illness, but can see our imbalances, it might be opportune to enquire if any of these mental/emotional “disturbances” can be assessed from a metaphysical perspective, because unresolved feelings could be the cause of a fragile equilibrium. When we connect to a psychic we will not receive prognoses for our migraines, stomach bugs or in growing toenails, but we will access the metaphysical causes for our illnesses and be encouraged to find positive ways of healing them.