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In the News Section of the New York Magazine “Magazine” space is given to an element that psychics, empaths, mediums or text psychics, would be more than aware of – and that space is Peace. Without peace, the citizens of this world are “up the creek without a paddle” and indeed spiritual counsellors, such as text psychics will consistently work to emanate peaceful vibes to help their clients strive to put “Peace” as Number One on their List of things to do.

Doctor Deepak Chopra

In the New York Magazine Article credence is given to the metaphysical and renowned visionary Doctor Deepak Chopra who states “Peace has long been losing the marketing battle with war. War gets major federal funding, Army recruiting ads. Peace gets local news coverage of angry mobs waving signs. “Real peace isn’t antiwar demonstrations,” says Chopra. “It’s taking care of the environment, helping the poor achieve economic parity, making sure human rights are protected, and finding nonviolent means of conflict resolution.”

New York Magazine clearly states many are pushing for peace in an innovative way. Text psychics are part and parcel of those who want to help us activate “peace programmes” in our lives. They might answer our “chat” explaining we are declaring war on ourselves. How? By not noticing those negative conversations in our heads, and those sad, bad words manifesting in our lives. Phrases like “I will never find anyone to love me”, is very likely to create serious romantic problems if stated on a daily basis. In fact, building “upset” into the tissue of existence could be compared to gathering together a line of tanks, and have them ride rough shod over our hopes and dreams. That is why Deepak Chopra sees peace must be advocated in an individual life before it goes “public!”

Creating unnecessary suffering is not the answer, turning away from aggressive people, and refusing to make “war” on them, whether personal, or material, will serve the world, and is the type of attitude text psychics strive to encourage. In fact, most empaths including text psychics guide us to understanding why we are throwing saucepans at the boyfriend, swearing at the boss, or “seeing red “when a driver overtakes in the fast lane! They will also strive to clarify why Naomi Campbell could be classified as a “beautiful dame” with an anger issue and why joining the ranks of jealous lovers will get us absolutely nowhere fast. If creating a personal aura equivalent to the first stages of World War III is our “thing” to do, best to avoid calling text psychics unless we are willing to take a different stance.


Text psychics might suggest meditation and yoga to keep our inner core solid. They might tell us to walk away from an abusive friendship, lover or parent, knowing that we cannot sustain aggressive repartee without becoming “touched” by it. They will explain that sometimes we “pick up” others’ angry vibes and the more sensitive amongst us actually act them out, so strong are such vibrations around us. But yet those aggressive vibrations can be toned down and peace vibes takeover if we send love and light into our environment. Okay, this might sound “New Agey”, but it is essentially true that kindness sustains a long and healthy life

So take a leaf out of Deepak’s book, pick up a new approach to the peace movement. Any spiritual counsellor, text psychics or otherwise, will insist “thought is creative” As we look around, the truth of that statement is ever more relevant. So next time you talk to text psychics when you feel like sending your lover to “you know where” or even Kathmandu, think “Peace”, as that inner war agenda makes our lives miserable and upsets the world around us! Go on, Give it a thought! Recent news shows us that massacres, horrors and aggression is part and parcel of our culture, an alternative more spiritual perception could help overcome that, for love is far greater than the power of hate. Believe this to be true and your life will be a beautiful gift to all those around you.