Clairvoyant Reading

Mirja Covarrubias, spokesman for the Finnish Consulate in Los Angeles, defended a well known yet controversial Finish doctor called Rauni Luukanen Kilde by stating, “Dr. Luukanen is a woman of high integrity and not one to fabricate stories about ET’s and UFOs”. In fact, Rauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde, born in 1939, was once the Chief Medical Officer of Lapland and had a doctorate in Medicine. She also represented the Government of Finland at WHO in tropical medicine, and is a former member of the New York Academy of Sciences. She is also included in the American “Who’s Who” of Medicine and Healthcare. She is a high level medical professional in other words, but in the eighties underwent a devastating car accident that changed her view on life. To see her now, so solid, so experienced, a clear thinking senior citizen with enormous clout and alternative opinions on the nature of reality is certainly an inspiring experience. She comes over with a clear voice, a strong demeanour and the kind of “maternal” presence that inspires the greatest trust. Yet notwithstanding her apparent “mainstream” external demeanour she would not be one to deride clairvoyant readings.

Rauni is considered a contentious figure by some. Not only has she had diverse experiences with UFOs, but has great respect for the metaphysical aspects of existence, such as clairvoyant readings. She states “humanity is multi dimensional and mystical”, so therefore her high regard for the mediums and psychics of this world is not that surprising. But this attitude may also be due to the fact that Rauni claims these gifts herself. She channels the spirit of her grandmother, and has written a book all about her own automatic writing “happenings”. She says again and again “there is no death!”

In fact it is quite obvious Rauni is the kind of woman who would suffer no embarrassment regarding clairvoyant readings. Clairvoyant readings would be quite a natural phenomena to her. She states that all human beings have telepathist capacities; they are just in denial of them. She also stated that a study found 41 percent of the Finnish population has experienced mystical connections to those who have passed on, by the way Rauni calls Spirits “energy bodies”, never the dead. So Rauni sees clairvoyant readings as being about “energy” – fear being our low energy, love being our high energy. She states “people need to know there is no death. The Divine in the universe protects us and if something bad happens there is always a reason. Life is in a way, predicted before you were born.” She also said in a televised interview when she was asked “how does one change fear to love.”

You have to face it. If you run you are losing. Only when you realize you are an eternal soul in evolution, can you move on from fear. The highest teachings are always about universal love she told Julius, of Creatix three.

From these statements her perception of clairvoyant readings would be to help us tune into the metaphysical realities of human consciousness, and once we connect to the power of that, we can use it for the good in our lives. She also tells us to “concentrate on peace and love with our thoughts. People don’t believe how powerful peaceful and loving thoughts are, so therefore their awareness has to change”.

Rauni is a link breaker; she lifts the veil on becausemic truths, but also on the social masks that cover the actions of the powerful and elite. She says that a lot of the military manipulation and experimentation is going on behind closed doors, especially when it comes to space travel and metaphysical abilities needed for military spying and distant viewing. So would Rauni balk at giving or receiving clairvoyant readings, certainly not. She is far too broad minded, intelligent, sensitive and successful a woman to walk away from what she perceives as an Absolute Reality.