81344810russiaWould it fascinate you to learn that a certain strata of mediums and clairvoyants operating in the former Soviet Union are the most metaphysically powerful in the world? No? Well, “hold onto your breeches then!” Holly deNe Stephens, who teaches Slavic Languages at Georgetown University, Washington, D.C. explains why in her very interesting report.

Clairvoyants and Russia

Russians have always had a profound interest in sorcery”, she says, “especially witchcraft and folk beliefs” certainly we deduce from Holly’s article that “magical arts” form part and parcel of the Russian genetic code! In fact, the Russian Gypsy Fortune telling cards are so potent in their predictive capacities many British clairvoyants use them. Additionally, Russian clairvoyants are obviously coming into their own as they no longer “hide their light under the proverbial bushel”, finally focusing on the divine, and cultivating their fascination with UFOS without a hint of a knock on the door from the KGB!

Stephens’ article also gives the impression that the huge spiritual revival in modern Russia would have been quite easy to predict really. Interestingly, she states, “Apocalyptic sects have also seen a comeback”, but the fact is they are not so popular as the clairvoyants, healers and mediums because “seeing into the future darkly” although fascinating to some strata of Russian society, is a little less popular than the healing phenomenon that shows such positive results and a new way of perceiving reality.

Faith healing has always been mesmerizing to your average Mr Oblimov! A certain Anatoly Kashpirovsky, has a substantial following, even though he has been somewhat earmarked as a charlatan. Stephens states in her article, “Kashpirovsky is known to have healed huge amounts of people in sports stadiums, some say due to mass hypnotism. Kashpirovsky became a television personality when he “purified” cups of tea and coffee, glasses of water, and bottles of hand lotion on an early morning show using mesmeric passes. Some said that those who utilized these rather odd potions saw spontaneous healing miracles occur!”


Yoga and meditation


Yoga and meditation are also extremely popular. “Seeing” skills tuned into by Russian clairvoyants are learnt from popular yoga disciplines. Many affluent Russians enjoy their early morning “Asana”. One of the more famous clairvoyants, Yuriy Ivanov, goes for the theory that basic yoga techniques increase healing abilities. Ivanov also vouches for avant-garde perceptions when he assesses healing methods; He sustains pendulum practice, the kind of practice that might not have been used in Stalin’s Russia when only an intrepid few would have read “the cards” for someone, and risked digging snow in Siberia for the rest of their lives! We imagine “courage” would probably have been the name of the game for clairvoyants, mediums and the like in Stalin’s dark and menacing days.

Interestingly, a certain percentage of Russian clairvoyants believe in the “darker side” of spirituality. Perhaps because the “Russian Soul” is so multidimensional and intense it would be virtually impossible to avoid the cultural perspective that “psychic attack” is part and parcel of the “lower astral” having a field day in the former Soviet Union. As a result, Russians are less liable to take the “light and love “approach, especially when it comes to sorting out bad luck and black magic. The informants who spied on ordinary people left a legacy of mistrust which probably still pervades Russian society. In any event, the words Energy Vampirism are utilized when Russians talk about unappealing people, who make their lives a misery. In. Stephens article she states that “An extremely popular pamphlet, Kak izbezhat energeticheskogo vampirizma i samomu ne stat vampirom or translated “How to Avoid Energy Vampirism and How Not to Become a Vampire Yourself” has been published by the St. Petersburg School of Spiritual Development.

Clairvoyants are therefore an intriguing and “not so quirky” component of life in the Ex Soviet Union and they are infinitely fascinating. Russian clairvoyants’ skills are certainly no less than our own, but intriguing and exotic when one takes into consideration the history of communism, and the terrible persecution of anyone who had a spiritual faith. Jews were picked on, the Orthodox Church could not practice its belief systems. The former Soviet Union’s world was materialistic, cruel, hard and grasping and the political choices made at that time damaged many lives. Yet the depth of the Russian soul remains intact and undisputed, they are intense, beautiful and mournful people, expressive to the core, sometimes “earth shattering” in their capacity to express spiritual energies. Their clairvoyants have much to teach us, for they touch our spirits and open our minds. We look forwards to sharing even more information that has now gone far beyond political doctrines and fear mongering. We will watch Russian spiritual evolution with continued fascination.