Rune Readings

36915967norsegodRune Reading History

Rune readings are derived from that “Lord of the Rings-style”, primeval system of “seeing” that dates back to 150 AD. Runes originated in Germany, when those Norse Gods ruled the roost. Rune readings are carried out with a series of stones made out of diverse materials, i.e. some are wood, others metal, others even crystal, with magical symbols engraved on them. Once could view these symbols as a type of sacred geometry that vibrates within the ethers. In any event these symbols are known as the runic alphabets. One of these alphabets has a mystical sounding title, the “Elder Futhark” and is the most popular rune alphabet used today. However you view them, with their mystical angular shapes and magical presentation they are intriguing. They are also easy to use, even for someone not that adept at doing rune readings.

A psychic undertaking rune readings will tend to go deep into her assessment of your future, utilising the runes as a “metaphysical tool” to “perceive” as much detail about your life as possible. But would it surprise you to learn that runes could also be associated with Quantum Physics?

Quantum Physics

Quantum physics claims thought creates our reality through the power of the Quantum Unified field, in other words all existence is derived from that Quantum Soup which is beyond past, present and future. Therefore it is possible you could strengthen the power of your positive thoughts through rune readings that build into the “here and now” with creative visualisation.

How To Read Runes

One of the tricks to making rune readings work is by using a particular rune as an archetype that will permeate your desires with magical significance. This “could” mean that you and the symbology of your rune exist together in the Quantum Unified Field Are you scratching your head? Here is an example:

You need extra strength to make things happen, so you meditate on the Tyr rune for Courage and choose the Sig Rune for victory, thus creating a magical quantum picture with these positive runes. The energetic power of these runes will then manifest your reality by combining your thought processes with their mystical symbology.

Of course some metaphysicians would not be in agreement that rune readings really can help manifest our destiny, but if we take into consideration that what we think is what we create and then harness a powerful symbol of positive thought, such as a rune, we could speed-up manifestation.

So how can we actually visualize wealth happening as a result of rune readings? One way could be to pick for example, the Rune FA for wealth and see its symbology entering our auric field, our body and above all our heart, because if we create wealth coupled with a loving attitude, the success we sustain could be phenomenal.

The website lays before us another simple exercise to utilize as we undertake rune readings.

The website states “that to strengthen our desire for wealth we must prolong our thoughts”, so they instruct us to:

1.”Hold the symbol Rune FA in your hands while sitting comfortably.”

2. “Use the Laws of Quantum Physics to strengthen and prolong your thoughts.”

3. Since there is no time in the Quantum Ocean, concentrate only on the now.


5. “As you are looking at Rune FA think and say aloud:


7. “Don’t wait for the future. The Quantum Ocean only deals in the now.”

8. “This will instantly pour the Rune FA wealth energies into your aura from the Quantum Ocean (Mind of God.)”

9. “The Runic FA Wealth energy in you will attract to you people, places, events, phone calls, mail etc that will lead you to wealth. It is universal law.”

This might sound rather too esoteric, even nave. But in order to understand the force of the magic symbology inherent in rune readings, we need to experience them for ourselves. If we do, we will certainly find rune readings inspire us, especially if we ask a psychic for in-depth rune readings to help manifest our wishes. Surprise, surprise, rune readings could even make those wishes come true!