Horoscope Compatibility


Okay everyone, we are sure you will be “in the know” about some aspects of astrology, and already realise Aries and Leo hit it off, may be because they understand their reciprocal fire sign tendency to self aggrandizement. Their mutual tolerance will see to it that they come to terms with those OTT natures, and refrain from hitting each other over the head with frying pans as a result. In short, such fun, fire signs will not have any difficulty sussing out the meaning of horoscope compatibility.

For the less aware, horoscope compatibility means being wise about one’s astro dates. Horoscope compatibility also means that if you are a Gemini it is best not to morph into your usual schizoid self when an Aquarian boyfriend shows up late for a date. Even if his hair has been meshed and interlocking, plaited puce and green, keep very, very quiet. Your Aquarian hunk will simply call you an “old stick in a mud” if you comment that he looks daft. Instead, learn to accept your water bearer’s revolutionary approach to hair dos, and quit morphing into that Gemini Cat Woman, every time he does something you don’t like.

If you are in love with a soft eyed Virgo male however, for goodness sake don’t drool all over your beer in the pub, or start shrieking “let’s get it on!” in public. Virgo’s loathe OTT exhibitionism, and will be hiding behind the shades sooner than you can shriek “I have a skeleton in my cupboard”. If you do have one, shut up about it, Virgos hate their boy or girl friends to look bad.

Celebrity Horoscope Compatibility

If you are in love with a Capricorn, and are seeking some sort of horoscope compatibility to prove the wonder of your relationship, make sure you are not a Leo, as your connection will definitely morph into a clash of the titans “alla Eminem and Mariah Carey”. Actually, Eminem is not a Leo at all; he is an out of balance Libra and just hates it when Mariah exaggerates with those OTT Arien demands of hers. In fact, buying Mariah mink ear muffs and bowing when she enters a room was just not Eminem’s style. They would have saved themselves a great deal of agro if they had trotted off to an astrologer and had their horoscope compatibility charts drawn up before embarking on their relationship. The astrologer could have predicted that Eminem would have threatened Mariah with a “nude picture” revelation at some stage. Eminem is attached to his Libran “scales of justice” and stroppy Mariah needed a justifiable comeuppance in his book. Eminem likes his women submissive. In any event, Eminem’s consistently flirty personality would have had Mariah reaching for something to throw, like a sledge hammer, on more than one occasion. Horoscope compatibility would have been as out of reach to these two as chalk is from cheese.

Don’t even mention horoscope compatibility when it comes to Joss Stone’s feud with Lily Allen either. Joss is like Mariah in that she is an Aries, and prone to putting her foot in it. Lily is a Taurus and cool. Joss insists that Lily quote “can’t sing!” unquote, well; if Joss is looking for a fast reaction it will be slow in coming. Lily acts oblivious to button pushing. She prefers to pound the earth with her hooves, snort and horn lock. But if Joss were to go very, very far, then our beautiful songstress should consider buying a suit of medieval armour. If hard pressed, Lily’s explosive Taurean temper could blow our Joss to Kingdom Come! Again, neither of them would have even considered getting a reading to sort out their issues, and their actual horoscope compatibility.

By the way, you Leo ladies out there are advised to get a horoscope compatibility chart going once you start dating a sultry, sexy, tall, dark and handsome Scorpio. Your first impact will be dynamite, your Scorpio lover will have you reaching for, and touching the stars. But all that intensity and passion could drive you to the nut house, especially when he starts karate chopping the guy you smiled at as you grabbed a cheese stick at the office party. Scorpio jealousy does absolutely nothing for a Leo lady. Just so you know.

So, my friend, don’t be caught unawares, please, please, get that horoscope compatibility chart done, better to be safe than sorry.