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An online psycic will know about the wonderful Ram Dass! Few metaphysical folk would not!” For Ram Dass is the epitome of compassionate understanding and the healing power of the heart. May be because the online psycic is aware she has a mission to help those who suffer, her metaphysical purpose is to learn more about how to access the kindest guidance. The online psycic knows that there are few on this earth who could teach how to be “all-loving” better than Ram Dass. May be because an online psychic is searching to evolve just as Ram Dass did all those years ago!

So who is Ram Dass? Well, Ram Dass is Richard Alpert. Richard was born on April 6, 1931, but back then few would have thought then he would morph into the ultimate spiritual teacher with the golden heart.May be because Richard’s origins were affluent “Massachusetts Jewish”. His father was a famous lawyer. Richard was popular and adored as a kid and adolescent. He was also highly intelligent, receiving a doctorate in psychology from Stanford University.


Wikipedia states “Alpert worked with the Social Relations Department, the Psychology Department, the Graduate School of Education and the Health Service, where he was a therapist. He was also awarded research contracts with Yale and Stanford. However, perhaps most notable was the work with his close friend and associate, Dr. Timothy Leary”. Timothy Leary was the true “LSD High Priest” of the sixties, a man with a need to break thru into diverse metaphysical realities. Richard was his friend and together they experimented with LSD and altered states of consciousness. In fact, Timothy and Richard were the first American intellectuals to experiment with the drug that is until Richard formed an inspirational connection with an Indian spiritual master called Neem Karoli Baba, who would touch the core of his Spirit and his very life purpose.

Richard Alpert

Richard’s foray into understanding the power of psychedelic drugs ended abruptly when he met “a little old man on a blanket” in the wilds of India. He offered the little old guru a tab of LSD. The guru swallowed it with a grin and went on grinning as if nothing had happened. He then proceeded to tell Richard all about his life and what he saw when he looked into his soul. Richard was stunned and would never ever be the same again. He returned to the west to spread the message of mystical love and human evolution. In fact, he has dedicated his life to spiritual awareness, creating the famous The Hanuman Foundation in the process. His little old guru on a blanket was to rename him Ram Dass! And that name would become the epitome of loving kindness.

Ram Dass has suffered a serious stroke, but he sees it as grace and still goes on lecture tours, telling folks about the wonders of the infinite healing power of Spirit. Ram Dass sums up his life in this way. “I help people as a way to work on myself and I work on myself to help people. To me, that’s what the emerging game is all about.” His work has been acknowledged with the Peace Abbey Courage of Conscience Award.

Ram Dass has no problems acknowledging his bisexuality. He shies away from labels, but once stated his sexual preference “is not-gay, it’s not anything-it’s just awareness.”

Perhaps empaths love Ram Dass because he is so beyond labels, so utterly sincere in his open-heartedness, he possesses the kind of gift any healer must have if they are to work successfully with people and guide them to enlightenment, self knowledge and happiness. Perhaps theirs is the same blessed mission that Ram Dass has taken so seriously. Ram Dass is a beautiful being of light, beyond reproach and narrow thinking modules. One can only bless Ram Dass and hope that all empaths are as loving and kind!