71736972sudokuQuantum and String Theories

St Augustine said, “Numbers are the Universal language offered by the deity to humans as confirmation of the truth.” Numbers have always fascinated humanity; some believe this could hold the secret to life itself. When we were taught Arithmetic, frequently in an uninspiring way, we would never have imagined how exciting numbers actually are, especially when we are painstakingly adding up our counters in junior school. Yet Wolfgang Pauli, the German Physicist, did not allow mainstream education or social mores to hold him back from delving into the significance of numbers. He was enthused by them, like Pythagoras he venerated them. In fact, Pauli based his whole analysis of reality on statistics and Geometry, which he referred to as the “archetype of beauty in the world”. His theory was that all universes are “described” by numbers and although his research was called into question by the scientific community, it is a fact that our innovative explanations of reality, as per today’s Quantum and String theories, are a reinterpretation of our universe. Werner Heisenberg, one of Quantum Physics’ founders, describes the situation perfectly: “The Quantum Theory has led the Physicists far away from the simple materialistic views that prevailed in the natural science of the nineteenth century.” A mystical vision of reality is indeed emerging.

Total Zero

This is where Numerology comes in! As the atomic mass of a physical or 3-D perception of life is broken down into subatomic particles, it becomes Total Zero. This Zero or this Nothing confirms what many “new scientists” view as an immense magnetic force, or unified field. A force that could be defined as the “Absolute” God or the Zero point of all creation that defines all life. Numerology does not analyze that Zero as solely related to universal concepts, it uses its mathematical calculations so that a date of birth reveals insight into a soul’s life issues that will grow up and on from the number Zero.

Zero in a Numerology reading depicts an “extreme” “intense” and “transformative” personality. As Numerology uses the science of numbers to access an individual’s life path, that path becomes rich in meaning as each number reveals itself. For example, one symbolizes the beginning of all things, projects and relationships. Two demonstrates how we unite what we begin with the reality around us. Three tells us how we communicate, four how we create. Five what actions we need to take, six our responsibilities. Seven our thought processes and how we utilize them. Eight becomes our power symbol, and the sacrifices we are willing to make to achieve our aims. Nine is our Higher Self, our spiritual path and ten means change and resurgence. No matter which Numerology system is used, whether it be Chaldean, Pythagorean, Hebraic, or Arabic, the same outcome is assured, a deep analysis of our life and soul path using the Zero point as a launch pad. As the combination of basic numbers becomes more complex, a revealing vision of an individual life path is seen.

When you request a Numerology reading on line, or through an email reading, the reader will take the details of your birth date and name and using her expertise, sometimes combining Psychic skills to interpret your future and destiny, she will surprise, astound and shake you up with her accuracy and vision. So folks, next time you add up your bills, fill in a form with your date of birth, count your money in the bank, realize that all numbers have a mystical and interpretive significance and your positive relationship with them will open out a door to a new reality, an inspiring way of seeing life and perhaps a more conscious way of relating to it.