Spiritual Readings

7640225balanceConnecting To Your Higher Self

Spiritual readings are a special experience, for as the psychic or medium connects to your Higher Self and examines your spiritual core and its evolution, you might realise you are on the road to healing. Spiritual readings touch on your very essence, enabling you to access elements of your own soul in evolution on this earth.

Spiritual Detox

Spiritual readings are dedicated to helping your energy field remain clean and transparent. In this process psychics and empaths use diverse metaphysical “systems” to help you and might even advise you how to charge and detoxify auric space and eliminate negative life patterns.

Spiritual readings guide you to accessing metaphysical knowledge. You might be advised meditation or visualization techniques. For example, the Ho’oponopono, Hawaiian Shamanic spiritual system is a favourite with many empaths. It is a perception based on the premise that as we evolve we manifest love, no matter the circumstances. Once we commit to spiritual evolution, in fact, we keep our energy field clean of negative thought. As we replace anger, jealousy and meanness with loving perceptions throughout the day, the stress dissipates and we become powerful catalysts of love light.

Spiritual Prayer

Most spiritual readings will include prayer and you could be advised to create an environment that supports your own paranormal growth and encourages a loving personal evolution. Sometimes psychics will start their own day with prayer, and a rainbow healing. This could be followed by a blessing for the week ahead. But whatever system they choose you can be sure it will be earmarked for evolution!


The Ho’oponopono system makes use of techniques spiritual readers find very useful! For example, blue solar water! Blue solar water is cleansing. Drinking a glass of blue water when we get out of bed first thing in the morning, keeps us cantered and ready to face our day. To create blue water find a blue glass container and leave it full of water and in the sun for an hour, you can even leave it under a lamp. Make sure that the glass is covered so that flies and bugs don’t fall into it though. After being in the sunlight for an hour you may drink the water. It is imbued with a stunning blue reflection and will purify your system and spiritualize your thinking.

Positive Readings

Positive spiritual readings acknowledge magic water as a purifying force. In fact the Ho’oponopono, Hawaiian Shamanic perception of water suggests that one glass of it placed on your mantelpiece, or near your work station, will detox any difficulty. You could even write the name of the person or situation stressing you out and then place the glass of water on top of the piece of paper. If you change the water periodically, you will see the resolution to whatever problem is troubling you.

Additionally, working on the word “dewdrop” will cause small miracles! We know this is a strange concept, but try it. When you feel sad, worried or stressed about anything repeat the word “dewdrop” constant repetition will ensure that you calm down virtually immediately.

Now for the super metaphysical news! Would it surprise you to know that you can literally clear up any issue by using the word Eraser? Just tap on a problem, for example a personal challenge, saying that word to yourself. You can also use a pencil with an eraser on the top of it and tap on what you want to clear out of your energy field, this will ensure you will have no more future problems.

Speaking of super metaphysical news, spiritual readings sometimes give away age old secrets! A psychic might tell you that to really empower your life, imagine a mirror in your mind’s eye. Look into that magic mirror and see your true self, or the light being who helps you through all problems. What you see will surprise and captivate you!


This last, and by no means least, technique purports to clear out all negatives. By saying these words to yourself “the Pillar of the Peace of I” you will be surrounded by a protective force of loving, celestial energy instantly. In fact, you will be protected from anyone or anything that is causing negativity. As you say those beautiful words, you will be automatically placed in the centre of “radiant Divinity!” Once this occurs, you can direct pure and loving energy to any situation and bring it back into balance.

Spiritual readings are certainly an extraordinary experience not to be missed and you will find the advice given only enhances your life, as it comes from a clear, high and loving source!