The Psychic Circle

36946358heavenJessica Schwab

Jessica says why wait to die before we go to heaven, let us bring heaven to earth now! Jessica Schwab is a beautiful crystal child, certainly a member of the psychic circle, the psychic circle that connects to sensitives all around the world, the psychic circle of light and beauty that adheres to the invisible planes of consciousness, the Psychic circle that links the metaphysical folk of this planet, folks who relay multilayered perceptions of reality as they endeavour to guide humanity through its current growth crisis.

Crystal Children

Crystal Children are well thought of members of the psychic circle. Jessica says that both indigo and crystal children stimulate our inner child, so that we can create playful energy fields around us. Crystal children see entities easily, angels and earth spirits; in other words they identify and see what has been educated out us. In fact, the majority of people only use 30 percent of their brains and eyesight! The psychic circle of hope sidesteps mainstream thinking and perceptions therefore, to get the “paradigm shift” message out there not only through psychics but healers, mediums, evolved human beings plus indigo and crystal children. Jessica jokes that we all need to “rev up” our brains a tad, since “the mind is rather like a parachute it only works when it is open!”

Jessica sees the future destiny of this planet as a tribal unit of people taking care of each other. She feels it is time for action; people need to step into their infinite potential. For one so young Jessica has a huge repertoire of ideas for change yet at school she was considered “stupid”. She was classified as dyslexic and had difficulties integrating, not that rare for crystal and indigo children. She was very bored and frustrated in class and could not understand educational communication systems. She says, however, that once we rediscover “out of the box” solutions to problem solving we can detach from societal/scholastic brain washing and become free thinkers again. . She has a vision of a planet without our current imaginary borders, a place where we all realize a shift in consciousness is the real solution and is not some “airy fairy” concept sustained by just a few nutters!

Project Camelot

During her interview with Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot, Jessica said “in the process of becoming aware of my “crystal child status and my psychic gifts I went through various challenging experiences. My sister died in a road accident and I realized that even though I was very depressed I had become far too Christian thinking, judging everything. I had judged my own sister because she went to parties and did drugs. I realized that I had shut her out. The day she died I refused to judge anyone anymore. The accident had destroyed my family. My mother suffered with migraines and my father had a stroke. I felt traumatized and hurt.

Jessica says her crystal child consciousness helped her to understand her family’s suffering and also made her want to reach out. In fact she says all crystal and indigo children have come to earth to reveal to us our inner power and divinity. She says crystal children have a warrior spirit because part of their collective purpose is to de-mask governmental systems that lack integrity, such as the corruption in financial and legal structures. In that process many people will re-evaluate their perceptions and start to adjust what is no longer working in our society.


In her broadcasts on YouTube Jessica says the most important thing to understand is how our inner darkness holds back our lives and actually have the guts to see where we are going wrong. She states we are not being helpful to others if we have not come to terms with at least some of our own emotional blockages.

To watch Jessica speak is extraordinary for many. She is so young yet incredibly aware. She could indeed be classified as a visionary, yet also a psychic who “sees” beyond the veneer, beyond the masks of reality. Not an easy process for anyone but obviously her “crystal child” status aids her in a process many would find far too challenging. Yes, Jessica is part of the psychic circle, not a constrained circle that adheres to one limited group, but a multi dimensional psychic circle that encompasses the consciousness of all men and women of good intent!