Real Psychics

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Who are the real psychics? In this competitive world, we could ask who are real doctors, scientists and politicians too. Authenticity is based on an individual’s code of ethics, their choice to give the best service, acquiring the right professional training, sharing what they know of the truth and a need to serve others. But the question is how we can pick the real people out from the phonies. The following is a brief list that could help you.

The Psychic Rules

First rule: Real psychics will never inundate you with excessive chit chat. They will want to know your name, your date of birth and your question so that they connect to you, buy they are not all-seeing, so do not expect them to tell you everything about your life. They channel Spirit as they tell you what they are “given”. They have been taught to remain within the dictates of free will, your free will. And this applies to astrology psychics too. No matter how challenging your chart is, if you become self aware you will know you can transform the grimmest reality with the power of your heart and mind.

Second Rule: Are future Predictions 100 percent correct as far as time lines are concerned? “Hey, the psychic told me I was going to meet my soul mate yesterday, and nothing happened!” can be a complaint. Psychics and mediums are not all specialised in precise time lines. Still, some psychics do have a gift regarding time lines and can more or less “see” when and where. Other psychics are specialised in feelings, visions, people’s gifts, life crises, etc. Much depends on your personal situation and the psychic’s specialty.

Third Rule: Can real psychics bring back my lost love? Psychics who offer such services are dubious. A psychic will “guide” you to reuniting with someone you yearn for, but she or he does not have the power to personally affect another person’s decision, as that would go against personal karma and free will and land her in very hot “metaphysical” water.

Fourth Rule: Real psychics rarely charge exorbitant prices for a) Long distance healing. b) Chakra balancing. c) Removal of bad vibes. A psychic might be able to send you metaphysical help. She can also help defuse those bad vibes with positive energies, but these types of services are usually offered for reasonable amounts of money or included in the reading. A $1000 dollar quote for curse removal or bringing back your boyfriend is definitely a scam.

Genuine Psychics

So the base line fact is that real psychics work from the heart. They want you to be happy and help you achieve your dreams. They will not tell you a succession of pumped up untruths to gain your favour. If he isn’t going to ring, real psychics will inform you of this fact, gently, diplomatically but truthfully. Real psychics are your friends, your counsellors and your magical allies and sensitive enough to “know” what the best solution is for you. Real psychics will not argue with you, get angry, lecture or scare you. They will not diagnose a medical condition, read for an under eighteen year old, tell you when you are going to die, give predictions on legal situations, or inform you whether you are pregnant or not. The aforementioned are against the law and incur large fines.

So fear not, once you know the above mentioned rules by heart, next time you go for that reading you will be able to tell the real psychics from the hoaxers. Be sure of that!