Clairvoyant Medium


One of the most devastating experiences is losing someone we love! The horror and overwhelming pain leave us distraught. Sometimes we seek counselling to get over the slow process of grief, on occasions we turn to a clairvoyant medium who we hope will contact the person who passed on and give us some inkling of eternal life. Talking to a clairvoyant medium is a serious choice to make when we are dealing with loss, but we are often so unhappy, we choose to go beyond the limitations of our belief systems to find some comfort.

In the Movies

In the film “PS I love you!” Hilary Swank mourns the death of her true love, played by Gerard Butler and the process of healing takes time, Hilary would have to go through all the phases of denial, anger and the agonizing suffering that signifies losing someone. But could a clairvoyant medium have helped Hilary, like in the film Ghost, when the very daft yet lovable medium, played by Whoopie Goldberg, proved to Demi that her beloved one was still with her?

True Story

Ann lost her husband in a scuba diving accident, we will call him Gian. She was so devastated; she felt her only solution was to talk to a clairvoyant medium. She had been counselled against it, but the pain of Gian’s death was like a knife cutting into her heart. She knew a clairvoyant medium was an individual who was said to “see” visions pertaining to a person’s life, and yet could also connect to those who had passed on. The accident to Gian had happened abroad, and Ann was so grief stricken, she could hardly speak. She came to the session feeling like a helpless child, with Gian’s diving watch on her wrist, the watch he had worn when he had collapsed thirty meters under the Sardinian sea.

The clairvoyant medium asked her name, and said “give me the watch of the deceased!” She handed it over, her hand shaking. The clairvoyant medium closed his eyes and after minutes said, “I see an island in another country. The sun is burning hot, people are screaming. There is panic all around you. Someone has collapsed under the sea. He is a young man in a diving suit, he went too deep, he had a heart attack, he is looking for you now and he loves you!” The clairvoyant medium described how Gian had left her dozing in bed to go for an early dive that fated morning, and how she had felt sad, as if she would never see him again. The clairvoyant medium did not mention that the day before Gian had collapsed 30 meters under the sea a black cat had run in front of the hire car and Gian, who was superstitious, thought it had brought them bad luck. He had laughed, “Hope this holiday works out okay for us Annie!” But then the clairvoyant medium told Ann something that she would remember for the rest of her life. As he spoke, his face seemed to light up from within. “I see a young man standing before me now, he has a black cat by the tail and is laughing and pointing at it!!” The clairvoyant medium went on to channel Gian, who told her to “Remember Life!”

It might surprise you to learn that when Ann went to see the clairvoyant medium she created a sacred relationship with him. The quality of his love and connection to Ann allowed him to channel her husband Gian from the other side. He had helped Ann turn away from her inner darkness and find the light again. Not only because she realized that her beloved husband lived on another dimension, but because she began to walk down her own spiritual path. An evolved clairvoyant medium knows that we are seeking love that we want to merge into its highest and most brilliant destiny. There always remains a “yearning” to merge with our loved ones, and never separate from them. When we lose them, we are devastated. A clairvoyant medium’s greatest gift is their capacity to understand such love, and have compassion for our isolation, and our sense of separation when we lose it. A clairvoyant medium knows that love is the very essence of existence, and without its presence our lives seem without direction. But he also knows we can find it again, “if we believe!”