Phone Readings

45376086happytelephoneTrue Story

Susan has just had a break up with Tom. It was totally unexpected. He had said “it’s over I cannot go on, I want my freedom!” After sixteen years of marriage Susan could not believe her ears. She was desperate. She felt as if her world had collapsed around her ears, that her marriage had been built on illusion and now all she could do was cry and panic. She was on the phone to her girl friends all hours. Her reserved nature no longer stood her in good stead, she chatted madly to anyone who would listen. In the supermarket, down the shopping mall, she even earmarked perfect strangers. She could not keep the anger and frustration in. She was terrified for her future. She was wholly dependent on Tom financially. She had not worked for five years. How could she possibly begin again, she was certainly no spring chicken. The grief was terrible, she could not sleep. She felt she might not get through this. She was alone, and did not know how to handle it!

She saw an advertisement for phone readings in the back of a magazine at the hairdressers. She had never believed in psychics, she thought the whole thing was a con, especially phone readings. How could anyone pick up another’s life just through the sound of their voice, it was ludicrous! But she was so miserable, she asked Jenny her hairdresser whether she thought it would be a good idea if she went for the phone readings option because when she thought of the future her knees gave way. Jen smiled, “I know phone readings do seem a ‘way out’ option don’t they? But they helped me when my mum was ill last year. Perhaps I was lucky, but I spoke to super woman called Lisa and she not only comforted me, but predicted that my mum would recover and surprisingly she did, even though she was considered very poorly by the doc considering her age and that!”

Susan realised she had nothing to lose; there was a special offer on one of the phone lines anyway. So just like that, she decided to go for the phone readings option without telling anyone. She dialled a number, was told to hang on, and how much she would have to pay per minute and then she was automatically put through.

The Experience

Oh hi, thank you so much for calling. My name is Samantha, how can I help you. Before Susan had said anything Samantha continued, “Oh I do feel you are so unhappy honey and there has been an emotional break up or rift in your relationship” Susan started to cry, she could not hold back the tears. She just let it all out, everything. The fear she had felt, the loneliness, the worry, her sense of helplessness, it was all so awful. Yet she felt her troubled heart ease as she spoke; it was good to share with someone who wanted to listen and help.

Samantha seemed to smile down the phone at her, “Well I understand how you feel,” she said, “But as I have been laying out these tarot cards, I am shown positive results honey. I feel that you will get over this, and meet someone else sooner than you think!”

Oh no, I don’t want to meet anyone else, the very thought made Susan’s hair stand on end! “All I want is to know that I am going to be okay, that I am going to survive financially!”

Samantha insisted “Yes you are going to be fine. In fact the breakdown of your relationship is the best thing that could possibly have happened to you!” Susan nearly slammed the phone down at that point. She froze, what a silly thing to say!

Six months later, Susan was still struggling with money and emotions. “So much for phone readings!” she hissed, in fact the very thought of that telephone conversation made her so furious she wanted to cry; what a rip off! She slumped into the chair in front of the television and dug into her TV dinner, when her mobile rang”

Hello my name is George, the voice on the end of the line was reassuring “I am a friend of Jennifer’s, your hairdresser, she gave me your number, and she said you were looking for work. I am the owner of a small market research company and I am looking for someone to do a few interviews. Would you be free for part time work?”

Well the outcome was that Susan went for the interview, got the job and fell in love with George, who turned out to be her soul mate, Silly story? can’t be true? Aww come on! but believe it or not, what happened to Susan is an example of one of the more successful phone readings carried out by psychics each day.

Phone psychics are trained and sensitive empaths who care about their work. They pick up visions and sensations that often do not fit into the client’s viewpoint of timelines but often their perceptions materialise. Another successful reading by a certain “Zelda” saw her client moving to another country three years before it happened. The client was furious when the years went by without a sign of news from overseas; but soon calmed down when she was picked out of hundreds for a PA job in Hollywood!

Phone readings can be profound, direct, inspiring, but sometimes the indications of future trends cannot be pinpointed or stuck into a time span the client yearns for. But be sure, good phone psychics nearly always hit the proverbial “nail on the head!” eventually!